Thursday, March 17, 2016

Transitions & Transformations

Last week I played my last services at the senior community I've been hanging out with for the last year.  I played some of my favorite piano music, shared a new tune to a favorite blessing, and wept tears of gratitude and blessings for these dear people.  Why was I leaving if there seemed to be so much good (and stability) there?

This quote by Brene Brown kinda sums it up. 

For the last 4-5 months I have been hearing an increasingly louder call to something more beyond those senior community walls.  So, with a sense of trust that everything will be alright, I'm walking into the unknown world of freelance. 
I say that, and know with certainty a long list of things that hold the possibility of more: 
  • showing up at my remaining part-time church music job and getting more inventive in worship
  • laying the ground work for the Full Voice coaching work I'm doing with Barbara McAfee
  • producing "Tales of a Roaming Catholic" with Mary Martin and leading my own "Confluence"
    Dances of Universal Peace sets as well as finish my dance leader certification and organize another Villa Maria dance retreat
  • hosting paperless community sing gatherings with church music, hospice choir, and just for fun peeps
  • following the Dance Doodle intuition
  • developing the temporary labyrinth thing
  • finishing up some projects that are have languished (sorry, ARF and MHTP!) 
All of these projects are connected to an engaging and empowering drive to comfort and liberate the voice of individuals and communities.  I am excited to jump into these realms with more time and groundedness. 

I'm planning to share my adventures here.  Stay tuned.  Join in where you can and Bounce an idea my direction.  We're all in this together. 


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