* Elemental Joy Retreat Info for Dance Leaders and Musicians

Welcome Dance Leaders and Musicians!

Morgan and Conie, Jen and Saleem, are happy to welcome you to our planning circle for Elemental Joy!

Please read on about the retreat's motivating idea, your schedule, costs, etc.

Big Idea:
How do we sustain ourselves with what is ours to do unless we continue to connect with our innate sense of JOY and Creativity? If we don’t take time to do this, life can become a burden and we may lose sight of why we are here to live. You are invited to a weekend retreat with the Dances of Universal Peace and the Four Elements to reignite your Inner Joy. 

Retreat Leaders:

Sessions will be curated by Morgan Rivers, Conie Borchardt, Jen Friedman, and Saleem Adam Wolter with assistance from YOU, dance leaders and musicians of the region. Thank you for your interest in joining this caravan of joy!

Leaders Schedule: Thursday, April 23-Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Elemental Joy Dance Retreat begins on Friday evening with dinner at 5:30 p.m. and continues through lunch on Sunday. There will be dance sessions Friday evening; Saturday morning, afternoon, evening; and Sunday morning.

As supporting dance leaders and musicians, we invite you to join us on Thursday afternoon to start our collective attunement to Joy and the Elements!  We will conclude with an hour of celebratory closure on Sunday afternoon to reflect on our experience.

Retreat Registration:

As supporting Dance Leaders and Musicians, Early Bird Registration for the full weekend is $75 available until Feb 29, 2020, midnight. After this date, the full weekend is $100.

The first 10 Dance Leaders registered will be guaranteed to lead a dance during the retreat. We welcome Dance Leaders beyond those numbers, but cannot guarantee a Dance Leading spot.

Dance Musicians, we welcome all of you with the belief there will be plentiful opportunities for your musical gifts to support and enrich the Dance experience. 

Online Registration will be open January 1, 2020.

Scholarships available.  No one will be turned away for lack of funds.  Please inquire.  

Retreat Location:

The retreat location is the lovely Newton Christian Conference Center just outside of Newton, Iowa.

Retreat Meals:
Dance Leaders and Musicians will have the option to purchase a 7-Meal package for $75 which includes Friday lunch and ends with Sunday lunch.

Tentative plans for remaining meals look like this:
  • Thursday dinner: Leader/Musician Potluck
  • Friday breakfast: Bring Your Own. Guest fridge and microwave available for use.
(Conference Center policy recently changed to a 20-person minimum for all meals.)

Individual meals can be purchased at $12 per meal for meals starting with Friday lunch.

The center will accommodate gluten-free and vegetarian preferences with 30 days advance notice.  By March 20, 2020 for our group. For other dietary restrictions, please give us at least 30 days advance notice (early March preference) and our liaison, Mary Ann, will make a request. If they cannot accommodate, they will provide refrigeration and a microwave if you’d like to bring your own food.

Retreat Lodging:
Lodge Rooms are available for $80 per night in the Lodge. Rooms include two double beds and private bath.  Last year, the 12 lodge rooms were soldout and we imagine they will go quickly this year too.  Please consider sharing your room with another attendee.  
(2/7/20 update: there is one hotel room left)

The Director's Suite in the Lodge is available for $100 per night. The suite has a full bathroom, two bedrooms with a full bed in each and the former nurses' station room with a bunkbed.
(2/7/20 update: the Director's Suite has been reserved and is looking for folks to share the space. Please send a note to Mary Ann to be connected to others in the Director's Suite.)
Burright Bunkhouse 
Bunk space is available for $30 per night a short walk from the Lodge.  There are two dorm-style bedrooms with 6 bunks in each with a shared bathroom for each room.  Sleeps 24 total.  A large living space in the center includes a sitting area, fridge, and toaster oven (microwave available on request).  Linens not included, but available for $7 per bed, or you can bring your own.
(2/7/20 update: the previous 10-person reservation deadline has been lifted and we are allowing reservations for Thursday night as well)

RV and Tenting
RV and tenting options are also available.
  • 4 full RV hookup sites, each $25 per night
  • Unlimited tenting sites, each $10 per tent per night

Information for lodging available off-campus will be posted when lodge rooms are sold out.

Roommates and Homestays
If you're interested in connecting with a roommate or local homestay, please contact Mary Ann at kochmaryann2014@gmail.com.

Questions from Dance Leaders and Musicians

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