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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Last SHHH of 2013

This quote is, once again, ringing true for me.  As I'm listening to what's going on around me, listening to what's inside of me, and sensing what my next action is, I'm aware of how adaptable life is when we're paying attention. 

And what I'm attending to on the birthing threshold of November 2013 is a cornucopia of goodness in a variety of fronts in my life. Two fulfilling jobs, one amazing hospice choir, plus a blossoming relationship. Life is full, indeed. 

Overflowing, in fact. I have a few art projects waiting in the wings, a final report to write, book reviews to complete, and a certification course to wrap up.  A financial analyst might say I'm to the point of diminishing returns because I'm too tired to get around to these things. Wouldn't you want to hang out with your honey after a long day in the library/church/insert your occupation here? 

So, Sing Heavenly Harmony Home (SHHH) in the Library is going on hiatus. After the November 3 sing at Rondo, SHHH is hibernating. 

Or what is it that butterflies do? Emerge from the cocoon completely transformed from the previous state of being.  This is most likely. 

So stay tuned. Not only to what's going on at Points of Light Music, but to your own life and the music around you. Are you composing by ear, feeling, and instinct? It can be unknown and scary. But you don't have to be alone.  I'll be doing my own composing and discerning and will share it here. 

Until we sing together, beit on Sunday or some other blessed day.