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Jun 21: Songs In Your Body On This Land

We'd like to welcome People of the Global Majority (Black, Brown, Indigenous, People of Color, and Mixed Race) to these monthly song cir...


Where we facilitate groups for reading and engaging in extended practice of the somatic exercises in Resmaa Menakem's book.  Next offering starts late April 2021 with Music that Makes Community.  Click here for past posts.  

Freeing Refrains

Where we offer a participatory 
experience of songs, stories and dialogue starting with one mixed Asian person's story of growing up on the predominantly white rural plains of Mn'sota before the internet and stretching the conversation into lots of topics like singing as a mental health practice, the experience of being different, racism, the rural-urban divide, and more.  Adapted from a reflection written for the UCC Musician's Association Journal

Biracial* & Rural

Where we are building a community of care and storytelling space to connect mixed* folks in rural settings (current and past) for hope and encouragement, empowering their voice, and building resources to support us going forward.  Currently in phase one, calling in folks with this identity or experience to gather during Summer 2021 via Freeing Refrains.  Phase two is gathering in arts-centered retreat in Summer 2022 (we're hopeful!).  


Offerings we heartily recommend ...

Midwest Mixed

Where folks who identify or have experience as mixed*, biracial, multi-racial, multi-ethnic or transnational or transracial adoptee connect, grow, and support each other.

* Language helps and also hurts us.  This page uses several terms to refer to folks with identities and experiences that are culturally multi-layered like Mixed, Biracial, multi-racial, multi-ethnic.  None of these adequately defines the group of folks we are choosing to include in the project which also includes trans-national and trans-racial adoptees.  This demonstrates the complexity of experience, identity, and language.  We know this is and can be harmful, and yet hold this in tension with holding open a wide umbrella.  We strive for better language and invite you into this ongoing conversation.  

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