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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jan 21: Music that Makes Community at United Seminary

Music that Makes Community is coming to town! 

Paul Vasile and I will be leading a bunch of paperless songs, sharing the basic skills of leading paperless singing, and inviting you to try your voice in leading a song or three during this day long workshop.  This day will have a special focus on songs from many faith traditions. 

When:  Saturday, January 21, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Where:  United Seminary's Bigelow Chapel, 3000 5th St. NW, New Brighton, MN 55112
Register online.

Music that Makes Community has been more influential to me than these tagged posts describe. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dec 25: Xmas for the Lowly: Embodying the Magnificat

Christmas for the Lowly: Embodying the Magnificat. 
Prayers for the hungry and oppressed. Eucharist for all. 
Dances of Universal Peace from the Judeo-Christian traditions
Plus other tactile activities: Coloring Pages, Labyrinth Walk
Singing Christmas Carols from the hymnal 15 minutes before and after.
When:  Sunday, December 25, 2016, 10 a.m.
Where:  St. Mary's Episcopal Church
1895 Laurel Avenue, St. Paul, MN  55105
 Prayers.  Dances.  Eucharist.  Carols.
The events of this year has been like no other.  It starts with the end of last year at the 4th Precinct, includes Orlando, Philando Castile, Standing Rock, and an divisive election season.  I wonder what is going on, what is going to happen next.  In preparing for this Advent season, reading the Magnificat, Mary's prayer of praise and justice, has new resonance. 
Can this season be preparing us to birth something new?  Might the lowly be lifted up?  Will the hungry and oppressed be blessed?  Are we willing to risk vulnerability and uncertainty for new freedom? 

Dec 21: Solstice Service at St. Anne's

In Minnesota where the nights are long and the hours of daylight are short, it's good to mark the winter solstice.  To remember the dark nights are limited, will come to an end, and turn to give way to more light.  Slower than we'd like, perhaps, but it the amount of sunlight will increase. 

Not many Christian communities celebrate the winter solstice as the festivities of the Incarnation follow quickly after.  A sister community to my parish, St. Anne's, has held a simple but beautiful service for several years.  Last year I was fortunate to share some songs at this beautiful service.  They've invited me back this year and I hope you come.  There will be different but delicious prayers, poems, and stories reflecting on the darkness. 

What:  A liturgy honoring the nurturing quiet and growth found in the darkness, and celebrating the return of the Light.

A contemplative service of candles, music, candles, poetry, candles, silence, candles, Scripture, candles, chanting, candles, prayer - and candles! Stay after the liturgy for cookies, cocoa, and an celebratory outdoor bonfire to welcome the return of the light. Family friendly, all are welcome.

When:  Wednesday, December 21, 2016, 7 p.m.
Where:  St. Anne's Episcopal Church, 2035 Charlton Road, Sunfish Lake, MN 55118

For more info, go to the Facebook event.

Dec 17: Dances of Universal at St. Mary's

The Dances of Universal Peace this Saturday will focus on the Christian inspired Dances and reflecting on the Magnificat, Mother Mary's recitation of Hannah's words (Luke 1:46b-55).  And a little light for the solstice.  Please join us! 
When:  Saturday, December 17, 2016, 7-9 p.m.
Where:  St. Mary's Episcopal Church, 1895 Laurel Avenue, St. Paul, MN
On the corner of Laurel and Howell:  north of Summit Ave, south of Marshall, east of Prior, west of Fairview.  Enter the red double doors on Laurel.  Once inside look for a sign directing you to the room.  We're likely to be in the chapel (go up the stairs to your left and through the sanctuary doors) because the Undercroft is prepped for the Lessons and Carols feast on the following day. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Standing Rock Reflections

Over the second weekend of October, I had the opportunity to visit Oceti Sakowin, the camp in North Dakota where people from the Standing Rock Sioux and many other indigenous nations were living as Water Protectors.  The experience has left an impression on me that I'm still processing.  Here are a few thoughts that I can articulate at this moment.

Overlooking Oceti Sakowin north of the main gate (Photo by C. Borchardt)
This picture and video below may be a bit different from others you have seen of Oceti Sakowin.  The pictures you are familiar with probably show a place full of people, tents, and teepees in late summer heat and glory. 

It is now October and a stiff wind is moving over the prairie landscape whipping less secure rain flies and tarps on tents around and making a holy racket.  The door to our pop-up camper may fly open with the slightest encouragement or slam shut depending on if the wind was blowing from the north or the south.  The low temperature our first night was 30 degrees.  The last morning we rose there, miniscule sleet pellets danced on the vinyl walls a bit before strong winds from the north literally rocked the whole camper. 

It is no wonder the population of camp is lower.  The stress of long-term direct action is hard enough without having to endure the extreme winter weather of an outdoor living situation.  As folks discern their ability to stay and how to care for their home front left behind, the camp is adjusting and figuring out needs, roles, duties, decisions. 

While I was there, folks from the Oglala tribe were moving a teepee into space vacated by abandoned tents.  These seemingly simple structures of long poles and taut canvas were built for their strength and durability.  It was hard to believe that these incredible structures were in the same scene as tents flexing and flapping in the strong wind.  They hardly moved.  It's as if the teepees shared the same deep abiding strength of the people who lived in them.

A friend of a friend's drive by video of Oceti Sakowin, a week later than my visit.

As I assisted a horse farrier in her work and roamed around collecting trash, I started seeing interesting connections between this place and my home. 
  • Both are near confluences (Bdote) - Standing Rock is where the Missouri and Cannon Ball Rivers meet.  My home is near where the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers meet (Wita Tanka, or the colonized name of Pike Island). 
  • Both have been places where Native people have lived. 
  • Unfortunately neither location was by happy choice.  The encampment at Wita Tanka was a forced concentration camp under the watchful eye of Fort Snelling for 1600+ Dakota people following the Dakota-US War of 1862.  300+ folks died over the harsh winter of little food and shelter.  (source: Wikipedia)
As I pondered this similarity of military observation, I wondered if this might be an opportunity for white people to choose differently. 

154+ years ago, white European settlers following the lead of the government choose to claim land they were lead to believe was "theirs" and were fearful of these folks who inhabited the land before them.  I imagine the noisy, wild sounds these native inhabitants made were alarming because the vocalizations were nothing like the settlers heard or created themselves before.  Being in a new wild location trying to make a courageous new life, any unknown is seen as a threat and treated with the same worst case scenario fear of flee and flight.

Now, almost two centuries later, we can look back and understand the stories differently.  We can now recognize these people as the First Nations who lived here first, since time immemorial.  We can see that the Doctrine of Discovery (Wikipedia) used by our European forefathers to claim this land violated the basic human rights of these First Nations people and is horribly wrong.  We can realize the beauty of how these Native peoples live at one with nature, the land, water, and air. The contact is so seamless that others don't see an impact.  We can acknowledge our fear of the unknown and the other in ways that don't cut us off from each other, but open. 

With this refreshed view of history, can we recognize the right to clean water for them and really, all of us who live downstream?  Can we honor the beauty of nature and all of its resources without pillaging it for our own excessive non-essential uses?  Can we awaken to the powers of industry, corporate marketing, and government run by individuals who are more interested in making a profit off others?  Can we live into a just society where prosperity is measured by all people having food and shelter, purpose and recreation, safety and freedom? 

How can we support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and all the indigenous nations present stand for their rights to be seen and recognized as being valued, honored, and respected? 

It is my hope that we rise to the challenge of helping Standing Rock survive a brutal North Dakota winter and not let the Water Protectors suffer with inadequate supplies like their ancestors did at Pike Island-Wita Tanka that winter of 1962-63. 

Banners of support along a fence north of camp.
A Dances of Universal Peace song accompanied my first morning walk to the river and became my prayer along its banks.  "Wah! Taho! Taho!" is a traditional Sunrise Call in the Zuni tradition.  Finding the above banner among prayer ties and hundreds of other flags as we were leaving Oceti Sakowin felt very special to me. 

Wah! Taho! Taho!
Wah! Taho! Taho!
Wake! Ye, Arise! Life is calling thee,
Wake! Ye, Arise!  Life is greeting thee.
Mother Earth God, she is calling thee.
Mother Earth God, she is greeting thee.
Lastly, one of my travel companions was writer and Community Rights educator, Paul Cienfuegos.  His podcast reflections last week mirror my own and I include a link here to wrap up these thoughts: http://communityrightspdx.org/podcast/october-11-2016-reflections-on-my-recent-visit-to-standing-rock/

Monday, October 10, 2016

Full Voice Group Session Offerings: Oct 2016

Barbara's book cover
You're invited to participate in one of three 90-minute groups sessions of the Full Voice framework I'm offering this month.  You can expect:
  • A guided exploratory adventure into the 5 basic sounds our voice can make
  • Feeling grounded and more connected to our physical bodies
  • Ample curious reflection and deeper understanding about the benefits of each of the voices and when to use them
Grab a friend or three and sign up here!  Each session is limited to 9 participants. 
  • Monday, October 17, 6:30-8 p.m.
  • Monday, October 24, 6:30-8 p.m.
  • Saturday, October 29, 10:30 a.m.-12 noon
All three sessions will be in the Merriam Park neighborhood of St. Paul.  An address will be provided when you leave your email on the registration form. 

** I am offering these sessions to practice my group teaching and the fee is your honest and constructive feedback as well as any quotes and referrals you may have.  Future class offerings will have a sliding scale fee for individuals; a suggestion is $10-50, though I'm happy to barter and trade if funds are a barrier.  Sessions for organizations are negotiable for size and duration. 

One interpretation of the five elements

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Singing in the Light: Fall 2016 dates

From Singing in the Light, 2012
My dear Full Voice mentor, voice coach, song leader, and all around amazing human being, Barbara McAfee, hosts Singing in the Light, a monthly circle of community singing in the oral tradition.  No paper, no performance, just "a time to embody our interdependence and enjoy the heck out of being alive."

Dates:  Sundays, Sept 25, Oct 23, Nov 13, Dec 4, 2016
Times:  4-6 p.m.
Location:  Art Gallery of Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church

Suggested donation: $10 to $20 (but don't let money keep you away.....)
All proceeds are now going to the beautiful community work our friends at Mar de Jade Holistic Lifestyle Centre in Chapala, Mexico. They are our hosts for the annual singing and yoga retreat each year. Their thirty years of presence in the community has fostered an organic ranch, a children's program, cottage industries for local folks, and vocational training for adolescents.
Our previous recipient, Fifty Lanterns International, is now sunsetting after years of beautiful work...

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Thu, Sept 8: Songs from the road with Annie

Reposted from Twin Cities Singing Circles Facebook page:   

Annie Zylstra is coming through town this Thursday night (Sept 8) and would love to share songs that she learned at Singing Alive Cascadia - something similar to Village Fire!

What: Songs from the road with Annie!
Where: Powderhorn Park in Mpls at the South end of the lake
When: Thurs, Sept 8 @ 6:30PM

And a note from Annie: 
You all have been doing so much good singing together these days! Thanks Brenna and others who are helping us all find one another! I am going to be in Powderhorn Park singing by the lake at 6:30 and would love to twine my voice with as many of yours as there will be. I'll be sharing Songs of the West, both literally from the Western bioregions I just came from, but also songs that are coming from the Western hemisphere of the wheel of life--the place of wandering, of mystery, of night, of the cocoon, of unknowing--the place I find myself so fully in at this moment! I'll be sharing my own songs, songs by friends, and wild cards! I hope to see some of you soon. Much love!
Singing at Village Fire

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sun, Sep 4: Singing with Daniel from Kauai

An invitation from Brenna E:  

My friend Daniel is visiting from Kauai! Get ready for some great songs! He has lived on Kauai for 8 years and is well steeped in Hawaiian tradition and language. He leads a choir there and has such a great presence wherever he is.

What: Singing with Daniel
When: Sun, Sept 4, 4PM
Where: Powderhorn Park, 3400 15th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407
* Park at the lot by the recreation center and then walk to the South corner of the lake on the hill. Look for other singers or just sing your favorite round and maybe someone will join you?

Indoor Location: 3501 15th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dances of Universal Peace: 3rd Sat of Aug & Sept

UPDATE:  There will be Dances of Universal Peace at St. Mary's this Saturday, August 20! 

The camping weekend on the St. Croix was cancelled with all the rain expected today and tomorrow.  See you in the Undercroft, 7-9 p.m.

Address:  1895 Laurel Ave, St. Paul, MN (map)

Greetings PoLiMu Dancers,

My calendar reminds me that I can't be in two places at once, as much as I'd like to attend this workshop and singing in that circle and meet with that friend and hang with family all at the same time. 

In August, I will be hanging with part of the St. Mary's family on a camping weekend on the St. Croix. 

In September, I will be completing the last retreat weekend for my Full Voice Coach training with Barbara McAfee and my 8 other fellow peers.  Curiously enough that weekend is also near the St. Croix.  (I'll ponder what's special about the St. Croix ... let me count thy ways!)

Looking ahead in my calendar, October, November, and December look clear for 3rd Saturday Dances of Universal Peace at St. Mary's, St. Paul.  Feel free to RSVP at Meet-up.com

Eat, Dance, and Pray Together.  ~ Samuel L. Lewis

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sept 29-Oct 1: Music that Makes Community - Des Moines 2016 edition

I'm excited to be one of the presenters for a Music that Makes Community (MMC) workshop in Des Moines, IA in late Sept/early Oct this year.  This is a great event for two reasons.
Singing at MMC-Mpls 2014
  1. MMC does a great job of teaching the tools for paperless music to natural and trained musicians in a short amount of time. 
  2. It is super affordable with the generous support of the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa.  Only $100!
  3. And a bonus 3rd reason, is how inclusivity pervades as a core foundation of the work.  Folks of other faiths/beliefs, no faith, seekers, and the "spiritual and not religious" are welcome to sing and hone their song leading craft. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Our Political Life Together

It is Minnesota's Primary Election Day today! 

I was sitting with my breakfast at my kitchen table this morning when I realized I live next to a polling place. The turf paint is still visible from last Tuesday's National Night Out labyrinth ... And wouldn't it be a good time to invite folks coming and going to the polls to reflect on democracy, civic engagement, and our political life together? 

Out come the pennants and the paper and markers! 


So, on this Primary Election Day, what are you reflecting on? 

- where and when did you first vote?
- what concern do you have for our city, neighborhood, state, country, world? 
- what's your favorite way to get involved? 
- what's a funny, crazy, <fill in the blank> story about a past election? 
- what does democracy mean to you? 
- or anything else you'd like to share...

If you're not in my St. Paul precinct, I'd love to hear your thoughts too! Please write a note in the comments below. 

Thanks! And happy Primary Election Day! 

Monday, August 8, 2016

ISO Brave Individuals and Groups for Full Voice coaching

I'm in the final six-week stretch of my Full Voice coach training with Barbara McAfee.  It's been an exhilarating and intense ride as I continue to plumb the secrets of my voice to use it more effectively with work and family. 

A little doodling of the 5 Elements Framework: 
Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, Air
It's that time in training where I need help getting more experience leading individuals and groups through the 5 Elements Framework. 

Would you like to help me?  To volunteer the only thing you need is a willing spirit to try something new.  Being a "singer" is not a requirement.  The 5 Elements is about exploring the different sound characteristics of our voices and using them more thoughtfully and effectively. 

If you would like to accept this mission, please send me an email at fullvoice@pointsoflightmusic.net or give me a call/text at 612-756-8011 and leave a message about when would be a good time to meet.  I will follow up in the next business day or so.

This first lesson is FREE, gratis, pro bono, on me because I'm in training.  All I ask is for honest feedback on what worked during the session, what was missing, what would be helpful, etc. 

Thanks for considering this!  Please feel free to pass this invitation onto others you think would benefit from this work. 

--No animals or humans will be harmed in the sound experiments involved. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

National Night Out Labyrinth Pictures!

It was National Night Out earlier this week!  Guess what was installed at the neighborhood's party? 

A three-circuit modified Classical labyrinth. 

Here's a few of my favorites.  You can spy a few more on Facebook
Panning the post-party grounds beside the church.
It was a well attended party with folks young and wiser.

Inviting folks to walk and ponder neighborhoods in the labyrinth.
Notice the camp chair in the center.  I saw many kids use it as seat and as table!
(wish I got a picture of that!)
Inviting folks to write or draw about neighborhoods: what's missing,
a funny story or happy memory, if you change one thing what would it be?
What makes a neighborhood, a neighborhood?

A flower and person!

Response:  I like summer because then I get to see my neighbors.
My neighbors give me hope.

Drawings!  What do you think this is trying to say?

Turf paint on the ground is all that is left of the National Night Out labyrinth. 
Walk it while you can.  It lasts for a couple weeks and disappears slowly with mowing and rain.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Aug 26: "This Is Our City" tour

Youth-docent lead Tour of “This Is Our City” at Intermedia Arts
2822 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

Friday, August 26, 2017*
4-5 p.m.

Join others to tour the “This Is Our City” exhibit, listen and ask questions of the youth docents about how artists are being embedded into city government of Minneapolis. 

Times of crisis require great creativity and innovation. Checkout how the city of Minneapolis and Intermedia Arts have partnered together to experiment with artists in certain departments to ask curious questions, invite empathy, and make space for creative possibilities for equity. 


Over the last 5 years my awareness about the many equities that plague our society has grown.  In the same time period, my hope in community empathy and creativity to respond has also expanded.  Join me to see the learnings that Intermedia Arts and the City of Minneapolis have gleaned in their experiments so we can be inspired to work creatively in our own municipal systems for equity. 

* Intermedia Arts has a number of youth docent led tours scheduled throughout the month of August.  Check the website to find a time that works for you ... or just stop by when the gallery is open (show ends on Aug 27, 2016). 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Wed, Aug 3: Singing with your Full Voice

Late in 2006 I was deeply impacted by the Full Voice work of Barbara McAfee and you can see the ripples spreading out from it in the bedside music/hospice choir, Dances of Universal Peace, and Music that Makes Community activities I do.  She wrote about book about the method in 2011 and trained her first group of practitioners soon thereafter.  I'm in her second cohort of mentees right now and look forward to sharing this method with you.  I'll be offering more group and individual sessions soon so drop me a line if you're interested.  Consider yourself invited to Wednesday evening's event.  -Conie
Come help Brenna, Tom, & Conie practice teaching about the Full Voice! We will learn a little about the elements of the voice and then sing as usual. Let’s meet inside, as there is a chance of storms.
What: Singing with your Full Voice
When: Wednesday, August 3rd at 7PM
Where: The Jam Room in Jam House, 3612 10th Ave S, Mpls. 
(This is a normal looking house. Come inside and walk up the stairs to the 2nd floor.)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

From the Council of All Beings: The Ants

The ant: An ancient prolific, productive insect
just keep going
     you may not want us around
            but we just do what we need to do to sustain our colony.

My ant colony
You put bricks over our home
   we incorporate it into our design

You leave food out for us?
   We take it

We are constantly exploring,
   climbing on things, persons, you
looking, fielding things to incorporate into our design
   what is useful?  This twig, that leaf
       That bread crumb, and sticky spot of jam
           that dropped on the floor.
We see everything as a resource to be used.
   We call upon our brothers and sisters to help harvest
         its sweet essence for gelling together what needs sticky

We know you have a distaste for how we take over your
   kitchens, your patios, and that spot in your yard.
When will you understand life is messy.
   We are constantly in each others stuff.

There are no boundaries
   Why do you wish life between us was cleaner, clearer,

Do you not know the paths we make with our colony
    aerate your yard, help the irrigation of the earth?

No matter.

We have work to do.
    You can try to silence us.

We are prolific and industrious and focused on the task ahead of us.
   We know our role and do it.

         (c) 2016 Points Of Light Music

This writing and multimedia piece were part of a "Council of All Beings" activity where folks are asked to invite a being to be represented by them and then create a mask and monologue.  I couldn't shake the ant colony.  When reading the piece imagine walking with the paper plate colony in hand shaking and walking in quick short bursts here and then there and over there, then there, as ants do. This was embraced by much laughter from the other participants.  

Monday, July 18, 2016

Labyrinth Highlights from "Action Thru Art"

Last week, GoodSpace Murals answered a call for white allies to respond to recent gun violence deaths of black men and police officers, by hosting an "Action through Art" a community mural painting event on Sat, Jul 16 at J.J. Hill Montessori School.  They invited other artists to offer other healing activities and we answer the call with an offer to set up a labyrinth and lead Dances of Universal Peace.  

Here's a few photos of the labyrinth from the event.  Go and check out the many beautiful photos and video taken throughout the day of the murals and mosaics at the Facebook event page.  

Two volunteers give the 3-circuit modified Classical labyrinth a test run.
Walkers were invited to leave behind their hopes, prayers, and dreams
"I hope that someday soon everyone will be treated the same."
"Be Brave
Think of others
Have crucial conversations
Listen to people's stories
Make connections"
"Rest in peace"
"May hamster will get sick."
"One by one"
"I believe that reason, passion, and justice will win the day"
Here's another invitation (sorry it's not "on location")
The labyrinth was set a bit apart from the mural, mosaic and other art tables for some quiet reflection time. 
You can still see the chalk spray outline faintly on Sunday evening, even after the rain from Saturday night.
We would love updates if it's still visible and walkable.  

Thanks so much, GoodSpace Murals!  I hope we can collaborate again soon.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Event: Action thru Art-St. Paul, Sat, Jul 16, 1p

Points of Light Music will be adding a chalk labyrinth and Dances of Universal Peace to this event to honor the memory of Philando Castile and show ally support to Black Lives Matter. 

Event: Action Through Art (more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1746338072320518/)
Location: J.J. Hill Montessori, 998 Selby Ave, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104
Date: Sat, Jul 16, 2016
Time: Mural painting event: 1-5p
- Dances of Universal Peace: 1-2ish

Join us to walk, sing, dance, paint and practice peace. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Labyrinth Updates

2016 has been filled with labyrinths more than ever before ... Here's a skinny chronology of what's happened so far and what's coming ahead:

Walking the labyrinth at Wintermission.
  • Jan-Feb 2016:  Invited to make a snow labyrinth for the Friendly Streets Initiative and their Wintermission event at the planned site for the Rondo Commemorative Plaza. 
The huge snowfall from the previous week melts during an incredible mid-winter thaw!  Oh no!  Brainstorm a stanchion-based rectangle design from materials from Ax-man that also can multi-task as dreams and concerns collector. 

  • Mar-Apr 2016:  Submitted poster session proposal to The Labyrinth Society's annual meeting based on the Wintermission labyrinth.  It is accepted!
  • Two little people walk at the Backyard Farm Fair
  • Apr-May 2016:  Invited to install a temporary labyrinth by The Trust for Public land at Frogtown Farm's Backyard Fair. 
Adapting Tom Vetter's Flower in the Seed design, I develop the stanchion based labyrinth idea from February and add pennant flags for more presence.
  • Jun 2016:  Submit a proposal to Springboard for the Art's Ready Go mobile art tools to continue developing the stanchion based labyrinth idea.  I find out in a couple of weeks if it's accepted!

So, what's ahead?
* Prepare my poster and handouts for The Labyrinth Society gathering, make travel plans for Houston, TX, and go!  (Sept-Nov 2016)

* Attend Veriditas' labyrinth facilitator training in North Carolina.  It occurs to me that if I was going to install and facilitate labyrinth walks, it might be a good idea to get the stamp of approval by "the experts." (Aug 2016)

* Bring Field of Reflections to fruition if my Ready Go proposal is accepted!  (Jul-Aug 2016)

* Round up financial support. (Now) Although I'm hopeful about receiving a scholarship to attend training and the poster presentation comes with a stipend, I need to raise more funds for travel, lodging, and registration.  And if the Ready Go! proposal is not accepted, I already know I want to move forward with the project and will need to raise funds to buy material and commission an artist to create a centerpiece (intrigued?  more on that later!).  Would you be willing to consider supporting me in one of the following ways?
  • Hire me to install a labyrinth (either the simple rectangle or Flower in the Seed design) for an event at church, workplace, or family/friends gathering.  Since I already have the materials, you pay for the setup/teardown and time facilitating during the event. 
  • Or hire me for one of my many other interests: 
  1. a Full Voice workshop with friends, family, or co-workers (ask me for details!)
  2. a 1:1 Full Voice lesson,
  3. lead Dances of Universal Peace for an event
  4. lead community song at an event or worship service or team building session
  5. facilitating other community art projects for your neighborhood or organization
  6. providing music for funerals, weddings, other services, and events from the piano and organ bench, voice, flute, baritone ukulele, shruti box

Thanks so much for reading my Labyrinth Update!  It's an exciting time and I'm grateful to have you along for the company!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Looking for Singing Circles in the Twin Cities?

There's lots of opportunities to sing in the welcoming "Come as you are, the songs will be taught to you" paperless aural tradition in the Twin Cities metro area.  The following are some events and a Facebook group to stay informed where you can sing with others:

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando Eucharist: A Service of Lament and Prayers for Peace

Tonight, Tuesday, June 14, 2016, 7 p.m.
St. Mary's Episcopal Church
1895 Laurel Ave, St. Paul, MN
Join us in prayers of lament and peace.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Temporary Labyrinth Installation: Frogtown Park & Farm, Sat, May 21, 11a-2p

Come on over to the Backyard Farm Fest!  The folks from Frogtown Park & Farms are invitin' everyone over to see what they're planting in their swales and berms this Saturday and have all sorts of other enticing events going on like giving away sweet potato starts and other plants, gardening tips and tricks, gardening tool repair, and Poetry Gumbo with my friend Sheronda ... plus a labyrinth in the lower park!  Checkout the Facebook event page for more details.

Frogtown Farm's Backyard Fair!
Saturday, May 21, 2016, 11a-2p
Frogtown Park & Farm
941 Lafond Ave, St. Paul (map)

The labyrinth I'm installing for the day is Tom Vetter's "Flower in the Seed." It looks like this on the page. 

Tom Vetter's Flower in the Seed labyrinth design.
 And a little like this on the ground.  I mocked it up in the church greenspace by my house. 
Mid-installation of "Flower In the Seed."
A volunteer runner making sure "Flower in the Seed" is fun!

I'm especially excited to see this installation from the hilltop at Frogtown Park and Farm though.  You'll really get to see the center of the flower, the stem, and its leaves.  So come on over and walk, run, skip, dance, crawl your way through Flower in the Seed labyrinth with me! 

Many thanks to The MN office of The Trust for Public Land for sponsoring this! 

If you'd like to help out in some way, here's a few ways you can...
  • Lend tomato plant cages or shepherd's hooks (hanging plant hooks) - they're sturdy posts for the ropes and lines of pennants!
  • Got old party streamers in a corner collecting dust?  I'd love to weave them into the garden fencing we're using!
  • I'm open to other ideas too!  Suggest something and we'll work with it!
  • Donate to my GoFundMe page:  https://www.gofundme.com/CBLabyrinthDreams.  I'm dreaming of bringing temporary labyrinths to places that need thoughtful activation, like vacant lots, and need more sturdy pieces to bring it all together.  Plus I've been invited to share a poster at The Labyrinth Society's gathering in Houston, TX in November and I'd like to complete labyrinth facilitator training in the near future, both of which require funds to travel and registration/tuition.
Thanks so much! 

p.s. if you miss it, you can see a shadow of it for a few days afterward (at least a mowing or two) as we'll be using marking paint on the grass.