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Jul 9: Retrain Your Lizard Brain: Somatic Singing for Trauma Awareness + Resilience

What : Retrain Your Lizard Brain: Somatic Singing for Trauma Awareness + Resilience When : Tuesday, July 9, 2024, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Where : Wal...

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Setlist from June 13 Retrain Your Lizard Brain

Here are the songs we sang at the second Retrain Your Lizard Brain: Somatic Singing for Trauma Awareness + Resilience at Walker/New City Church on Thursday evening, June 13, 2024. Enjoy the links to online recordings for your at-gome remembering pleasure!

* no online recording available. If you discover one, please let us know in the comments!

Here are some of the Resources we promised to share:
  • About the Card Decks: Having a tangible tool to sit with and reflect our feelings back to us helps us slow down, process, and make space for emotional work and intentions we otherwise tend to ignore. In May we spread out the Rest Deck by Tricia Hersey and the Artist Grief Deck, made by hospice workers in the pandemic.
  • Instruments we use: 
Thank you to the crew who jumped in to retrain their lizard brain!  The right people were there, tenderness, grit, and support were shared. Community was tended. This is part of the world we're working towards!

Many thanks to Mni'sota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute for offering the amazing Strategies for Trauma Awareness & Resilience (STAR) training that Liz and Conie took in June 2023 and to being interested in partnering with us when we expressed interest in offering a hand-on offering.  Please checkout their offerings and consider taking a webinar or the full training.

We're planning to make this session monthly because the work of Trauma Awareness and Resiliency is long and slow!  The next Retrain Your Lizard Brain session will likely be Thursday, July 9, 2024; stay tuned for details on this blog as they unfold or sign up for the In-person Singing and/or the Good Trouble Songleaders newsletters

Keep singing and stay warm, hydrated and creative!

Love, Liz and Conie, a.k.a. Good Trouble

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

June 28: Community Sing for Sacred Lands

WHEN:  FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 7-8 P.M.
2720 22nd St, Minneapolis

Come join song leaders Doe and Conie, from the Coalition to Dismantle the Doctrine of Discovery and Music that Makes Community, as they share songs submitted to their playlist project collaboration on Sacred Lands. The songs will connect to stories from the Coalition's growing network for Indigenous justice. For more information on the playlist project and/or to submit an original song, see here: https://tinyurl.com/sacredlandsplaylist

We will be indoors, so masks are strongly encouraged, as is taking a Covid test prior to attending.

This is an opportunity for local Twin Cities folks to connect with other members in the Coalition's national network for Indigenous justice and decolonization, as many of our members will be in the Twin Cities for our Annual Gathering June 28-July 1.

PoLiMu Recommends: Ahlay (Jul 22-23) + Lawrence (Aug 8)



- MONDAY, JULY 22:  Facebook + Registration
- TUESDAY, JULY 23:  Facebook + Registration


Lawrence Cole


- THURSDAY, AUGUST 8: Facebook + Registration

Jun 21: Songs In Your Body On This Land

We'd like to welcome People of the Global Majority (Black, Brown, Indigenous, People of Color, and Mixed Race) to these monthly song circles.

WHEN:  Friday, June 21, 6-8 p.m.
WHERE: Beautiful Studio, #214, 2242 University Ave W, St. Paul (more details below) 
 Hidden Falls Park (North Gate), St. Paul (map/more details below)
Facebook event

****UPDATE:  We wanted to be down by the river but it's supposed to Thunderstorm all of Friday (HELLO SOLSTICE) so we are moving indoors to the Beautiful Studio in St. Paul.
Beautiful Studio, #214, 2242 University Ave W, St. Paul
There's a parking lot in the back; you'll need to text us to get in (look for signs on the Hamden doors) and holler with questions!
No masks required this month but strongly welcomed + encouraged.

Led by GOOD TROUBLE, aka Conie Borchardt and Liz Digitale Anderson. We teach songs for joy, courage, grief, hope, and justice in the oral tradition, call and echo. You don't need to "be a singer" or "know what you're doing", you just gotta be willing to breathe and open your mouth and echo back. Maybe even move your hips and grab a shaker if you're feeling it...

Community potluck meal starting at 6 pm, singing starting at 7 pm and/or woven through

Down by the river at Hidden Falls Park; follow the north entrance drive all the way down to the parking lot and look for the SING HERE flag on the beach.

Photo by Mankwe Ndosi: Preparing the Unburdening Ground, Say Their Names Cemetery at George Floyd Square, Minneapolis