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Fall 2021 Dates for Freeing Refrains!

We're excited to get some dates out there to share Freeing Refrains !  Check the below dates against your calendar and then make your re...

- Biracial & Rural

Biracial & Rural (BnR) is a community of care and storytelling space where BIPOC voices* in current and past rural spaces are nurtured and empowered to build sustaining communal resources going forward. 

In Spring and Summer 2021, Points of Light Music is calling in other BIPOC folks to come together for support, encouragement, skill sharing, and connection through their participatory performance called Freeing RefrainsThese will be outdoor socially distant performances around Greater Minnesota.

In Fall and Winter 2021-2022, BnR will tend the connections made over the summer virtually and start the process of collectively dreaming the form of the arts based retreats for Summer 2022.  Part of the dream is for retreats to conclude with participants sharing their story at an Open Mic/Variety Show that would foster community dialogue between rural-urban and BIPOC-white folks.

Would you like to join us? Would you support us?  Do you have imaginings of what you'd like to offer?  Or what you need?  

Here's a list of some of the things we know we need:
  • We would love your assistance in connecting with folks that would be interested in hosting these participatory performances
  • Where should we go?
Go to our Contact Us page and get connected!

Another way to support BnR is making a contribution on Points of Light Music's GiveMN.org pagePoints of Light Music is a fiscally sponsored project of Springboard for the Arts.

* Who's included in Biracial & Rural?  Any black, indigenous, person of color who experienced otherness in predominantly white rural spaces.  Read more about our thoughts on inclusion, the limitations of names, and what we're doing about it here.

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