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- Breaktime Doodle Coloring

It started with playing with pens and markers as an alternative to journaling and singing. 

Then I started doing it where there was live music, letting the energy inspire the outline.

And then I was choosing to express emotions and feelings in this way. 

Sometimes I give myself a rule to follow; sometimes I let my intuition be my guide.
Often I spend less than an hour in the sketch book page. 

What has been freeing for me is that I'm just playing.  There's no huge investment of time (setup or cleanup), energy (using what is already present in my attention), or resources (ok, so I've been splurging on nice brush markers ...).  In playing, there's no judgment for an end product and with that no expectation.  Only discovery to what's waiting to be unveiled. 

What will you discover in coloring your doodles? 

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