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- Our Music

Here's a smattering of music we've had a hand in creating.  If it's been useful for you, please let us know, credit us appropriately (see details below), and if you can, leave us a tip here.  

Independent Songs
  • We got this! - video recording
  • Build a Shelter/Let It Rest (text by Pamela Grenfell Smith; tune by clb) - score * video recording forthcoming

For Edina Morningside Community Church, Edina, MN (2020)

  • A Rooted Sanctus - score * video recording forthcoming

For St. Mary's Episcopal Church, St. Paul, MN (2010-2019)

  • Sung responses to Prayers of the People - scores forthcoming
  • New tune with Jim May - score forthcoming

For Table 229, a wandering dinner church in the St. Paul area (2017-2018)

  • We Light This Candle - score * video recording (forthcoming)
  • Welcome to the Table - score * video recording
  • Woe & Wow (or Woah, that works too) - score * video recording (forthcoming)
For St. Luke Lutheran Church, St. Paul, MN (2008-2010)
  • Various Responsorial Psalms Settings - scores forthcoming
How to give us credit!
Generically, it's looks like "Words/Music: Conie Borchardt (c) <year listed on the score> <Institution it was written for as work for hire>.  All rights reserved."  Please see the score for more details.  

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