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Sept 28: Opening Sing for "Justice Unbound: Building Race and Class Solidarity"

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- Soul Song Trio (BIPOC/mixed) Singing Space

Soul Song Trio was born out of a desire to create a singing space for BIPOC and mixed race folks.  Conie first connected with Liz and then invited Ihotu aboard.

We understand that singing in community is powerful.  Not only do our nervous system calm down, we develop deep connections and a sense of safety with each other.  These actions help sustain our energies for the long movement work ahead.  

Equally at home jamming in the living room and leading community in the streets, we strive to speak truth and healing in every moment. 

Currently, they are holding song circles on alternating Tuesday evenings in St. Paul.  Join us at Springboard for the Arts at 7:30 p.m. (262 University Ave) until Sept 27.  

Join our mailing list (select Soul Song from the list).  Book us for other song circles (email listening@pointsoflightmusic.net).  Let us know when is a better time and/or location for you (use the Contact Us form).


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