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May 2: Retrain Your Lizard Brain: Somatic Singing for Trauma & Resilience

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- Listening Labs (Labyrinths)

Walking labyrinths have been part of the kaleidoscope of meditation practices I've used since college in the mid-1990's. Walking a path where I could not get lost in is comforting. 
Global Harmony Labyrinth, Como Park
Pattern to create a classical path
I stomped my first labyrinth path in the snow in 2009 when I was hankering for a way to be outside during the winter.  Here's the instructions I made for a 7-circuit classical.  A couple years later this turned into the Winter Vacancy Labyrinths project when I decided to merge my love of making labyrinths in the snow with a community arts project on foreclosure. 
It seemed like a very natural pairing of residents and communities mourning loses of neighbors, friends, family, stability, home values, etc. with a tool to meditate and pray over a space once filled with love, food, bedside comforts, and families.  
One iteration of The Listening Lab(yrinth)
Five years later, that morphed into experimenting with other temporary labyrinth installations when a commissioned snow labyrinth didn't have enough snow to be made.  Over the summer, I continued to develop how the labyrinth could be used as a reflective listening/community engagement tool.  The Listening Lab(yrinth) was born!
You can learn more about some of the projects by reading my labyrinth posts. If you'd like to see how The Listening Lab could be used at your community event, please contact us at labyrinths@pointsoflightmusic.net.
There are many, many permanent labyrinths in public and private spaces in the US and around the world.  Find one near you on the Labyrinth Locator.  Blessings on your daily labyrinth walk.

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