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Jan 21, Feb 4: Subzero Singalong, A Community Sing on Ice with Good Trouble

Dates and times are set for the Subzero Singalong: A Community Sing on Ice at Art Shanty Projects (ASP) at Bde Unma/Lake Harriet!   There w...

Monday, January 30, 2023

Feb 3: Space for Grief: A Song Circle for Asian + Mixed Bodies

Gather in community to give voice to all the feels about how our communities, our families, and ourselves are hurting.

Place: Springboard for the Arts, 262 University Ave W, St. Paul
Date: Friday, February 3, 2023
Time: 7-8:30 pm
fb event:  https://fb.me/e/3shAxL0wP

While this is prompted by the violent events in Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay, there is no shortage of personal and collective grief that needs a place to be held and processed. Bring yourself and whatever you are carrying. When we come together, we can carry more together. In singing together, we can see, hear, and feel our community, and tap into what's on our soul and add it to a sound tapestry container we hold together.

Our space will be held by mixed Asian song leaders, Liz Digitale Anderson and Conie Borchardt (GOOD TROUBLE). They will guide us in easy to learn songs for grief and healing and create space for vocal exploration and movement. A walking labyrinth will also be available for personal reflection. Come with your hesitations and your curiosity; your anger, rage, frustration, and sadness.

Conie Borchardt (she/they) was a founding member of Morning Star Singers and founding director of Grace Notes, both Twin Cities comfort/hospice choirs. Today, they are working on cultural transformation projects, particularly growing the Biracial & Rural community of care and Freeing Stuck Refrains, a storytelling space inviting everyone into the conversation about "What bind you? What liberates you?" In addition to holding space for change, Conie also holds certificates in the 5 Elements Full Voice Coaching method, Dances of Universal Peace leadership, and being a spiritual companion.

Liz Digitale Anderson (she/they) is committed to grief work as a growing edge in this season of their life. They use singing as the cornerstone of their organizing for personal, cultural, and structural change towards liberation. Liz has been shaped by somatic anti-racism work; theatre, dance, and a cappella; living cross-culturally; deconstructing religion + reconstructing spirituality, and exploring intentional community. Their main adventure for the past five years has been raising two tiny humans and the accompanying PhD-level inner work that comes with them. Lately Liz has been writing new songs to sing together that support systemic change, ending white supremacy, and movements for abolition.

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Setlist from the Dec 30 Songs for the Turning of the Year @ Yess Yoga

Here are the songs we sang at Songs for the Turning of the Year at Yess Yoga on Friday night, December 30, 2022:
  1. You are in the right place (Martha Burford)
  2. Welcome to the Table (chaos) (clb)
  3. Put Your Roots Down (Molly Hartwell)
  4. the neuroplasticity song (Ahlay Blakely)
  5. Comfort* (Heather Wilson)
  6. Yet, We are Not alone (Alexandra Blakely)
  7. Stone by stone (Taya Ma)
  8. I will believe the truth about myself (Macrina Wiederkehr/Velma Frye)
  9. We Rise (Batya Levine)
  10. We get there together (Josh Blaine)

* We're looking for an online recording!  If you know of one, please drop the link in the comments!

We are grateful to you if sang with us and to Yess Yoga for hosting.

In 2023, we are tentatively planning to host a quarterly sing at Yess.  To receive a reminder when they are, please signup for the "In-person singing groups" list of this newsletter.  You'll receive reminders for all in-person singing gatherings, including the Subzero Singalong at Bde Unma / Lake Harriett in Jan & Feb.  Or just check-in with the Yess website or here.  

Keep singing and stay warm, hydrated, graceful, and creative!

Love, Liz and Conie

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Year End BnR Fundraising Gratitude & S T R E T C H!

This update is about a month overdue. Partly because of shock (we made our initial goal! What what?!?) and partly because it's a pretty busy time for church musicians everywhere.

We feel so appreciative of all our donors. The ones who gave $2,500 and those who gave $10. You're all the same to us. We're feeling the love and support for the Biracial & Rural community and the Freeing Stuck Refrains project at Points of Light Music pretty strongly. Thank you.

With four days left in the calendar year, we're putting out a stretch goal of $5,000. We'll only $605 short of that now. Those funds will go toward creating an in-person gathering of Freeing Refrains.
Can you help us reach this goal?  Donate here.

Could you forward this to others who might have heart connections to the project's mission and vision of building a community of care for multi-cultural individuals in predominantly white spaces? Or share it with your social media friends?

Is there another dedication or memorial you'd add?

Would you like to support expanding the web of community connections, brave storytellers, and truth telling that heals?

Thank you for donating.

Conie B    

Jan 21, Feb 4: Subzero Singalong, A Community Sing on Ice with Good Trouble

Dates and times are set for the Subzero Singalong: A Community Sing on Ice at Art Shanty Projects (ASP) at Bde Unma/Lake Harriet!  

There will be community sings every Saturday in the village Town Square at 11:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., and 1:30 p.m.!  

We are delighted to be one of two community singing proposals selected for this year's festival and collaborating to make a strong  "Let's Sing Together!" impact!  

We hope you come out every Saturday, but especially January 21 & February 4.  :)

Check out the rest of the schedule of performances and art actions and art shanty projects here!