Monday, April 16, 2018

May 5: World Labyrinth Day Walk

Join your Highland Park neighbors and friends outside to Walk As One At One on Saturday, May 5, 2018 at 1 p.m.  Learn about this "prayer path," how to draw one on paper, and walk the labyrinth created at National Night Out last August.  Invite others to this local World Labyrinth Day event. 

Contact or 612-756-8011 with questions. 
Facebook event link

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Purpose Retreat Update #1

Your co-curators for the Dancing Your Life Purpose with the Elements retreat are enjoying their time grounding into the elements, finding their passion and flow with inspiration. 

Clockwise from upper left:  Heather Hayat, Conie, Saleem, Morgan

In addition to these four, 11 other dance leaders and musicians have volunteered to contribute to our dance time together and 15 dancers have registered to fill out the circle. 
Won't you join us too!  

  • The Early Bird Registration is over, so Regular Registration is $125 for the weekend
  • Registering for lodging and meals is open until next Wednesday, April 4, 2018, 11:59 p.m. and then we need to give the staff at the Newton Christian Conference Center our final numbers. 
  • All are welcome to come for the day or the weekend, but will need to find room and board elsewhere. 
To participate in pre-retreat conversation, go to


Thursday, March 22, 2018

2018 Wanderings and Play Dates?

The calendar says Spring Has Sprung!  I can feel it and see it with the increasing daylight even when I look out my windows to some hip-high mounds of snow.  The flower beds out in front of my house don't have snow, though, and I know under the leaves my favorite bulbs are working their way through the dark earth, unfurling with all of their life energy toward the warmth, the light, to surface and keep going to bloom as tulips and crocus. 

Unfurl is my Word of the Year (more on that later), and part of my unfurling is to meet and play, sing and dance, with others as I travel near and far this year.  Will our paths be close enough to do this?  Checkout my current plans and let me know!

April 18, 22-23:  Iowa (Des Moines, Driftless?)

Co-curating a Dances of Universal Peace retreat between April 19-22 (Check it out: the theme is "Dancing Our Life Purpose with the Elements").  I'd love to drive and sing through the Driftless on Wednesday, April 18 and come back through Des Moines. 

May 23-24:  North Shore (Ely, Duluth?)

Officiating a friend's wedding over Memorial Day weekend on the North Shore.  Would love to drive and dance in the Arrowhead earlier in the week.

June 11-15:  western Minnesota, North/South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington

Being a guest musician with Andrea Sorum, sharing song and movement, at Holden Village, June 16-23!  Gonna take my little car on its first loooong roadtrip!  Help break up my time on the road with singing, dancing, interplaying, pop-up labyrinths, and other fun.
Possible routes to Holden Village, Washington from Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota.

June 23-27:  Washington, Idaho, Montana, North/South Dakota, western Minnesota

Same as above, this time in reverse.

Mid-Summer to Mid-Fall:

There's all sorts of dreams and tentative plans for St. Louis, Missouri, North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, New Hampshire, Illinois, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, ... and the places in between there and here.  If you're curious about the what's and when's, reach out and let's see what connections can be made! 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Highlighting Morgan Rivers

Points Of Light Music is delighted to be collaborating with three other marvelous dance leaders to organize and curate the weekend long "Dancing Our Life Purpose" retreat in April. 
Top:  Saleem Adam, Conie. Bottom:  Morgan, Heather Hayat
Today we'll get to know Morgan Rivers, who was the core organizer for the dance leader training Conie completed a couple years ago and who wisely organized the Anahata retreat last year to invite musicians to deepen their skills in support of the Dances, which inspired this year's regional leader led retreat.
A lifelong musician, spiritual seeker and lover of movement, Morgan has been shepherding a monthly circle of the Dances of Universal Peace since 2004 in Des Moines, Iowa and became a
certified leader in 2017.

Anne & Morgan making music. Photo courtesy of Morgan Rivers.
She loves creating sacred space for people to have an experience of connection, unity and a stronger sense of their own divinity.
A dance circle at Unity.  Photo courtesy of Morgan Rivers.
Two of her favorite quotes about the Dances are:
  1. “Spiritual growth is an individual activity best done in groups.” - Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz
  2. “What is the power of the Dances of Universal Peace?  What is the secret of their enduring appeal? Why have they spread all over the world, continuing to spread, even as we speak?
Ask a dozen Dancers, and you're likely to receive a dozen different answers. For some, it's the power of community, a precious chance to join together with others in a deep experience that is always new, even as it's always familiar. For others, the secret is the feeling-sense that can result-joy, peace, compassion, equanimity, ecstasy. Some will say they love to sing, or love to dance, or love the hugs. Others will say they don't know why they come; it's just something they must do, a call that must be answered. 
For me, the power of the Dances lies in the shared, sustained, embodied Sacred Space created by sounding a sacred phrase with simple, heart-felt movement. I know of no other spiritual practice or artistic discipline that is based on these specific combined elements. Each time we join hands in Dance-worship, what can result has the power to transform, to heal, to unite us individually and as a group with All That Is, to bring us home to our true Self.” - Farrunnissa Rosa, Dance Leader and Mentor, North Carolina
Here are the 2018 dates for Dance Circles in Des Moines, Iowa.