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Upcoming Visiting Songleaders: Shireen *May 9-10* + Ahlay

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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Nov 19: Give to the Max Day for "Biracial & Rural"

Even though Biracial & Rural was shelved in 2020 doesn't mean the work is over. Far from it! Fundraising is still needed to make it happen. Would you join us for the ...

Great MN Give Together!

Offering Spiritual Listening

We make space for others to hear their life speak

It is a role I like to think of as "Assistant Spiritual Director," i.e., someone who assists another in listening deeply to what their life is calling them to become.  Others call it Spiritual Direction or Companioning.

As of Nov 2020, I have a couple of openings for new directees. Reach out if you're curious about the process, if we'd be a good fit, etc.

What is my training?  In 2016 I completed a two-year program called Transforming Soul & Society where I practiced being a good listener and did a lot of reading about east/west cosmology, active hope, and much more. 

Sessions could be in-person at the Carondolet Center in St. Paul (see picture) or online via zoom. Fee is $30 an hour and negotiable.

Officiating Weddings

If you and your beloved are thinking about getting married, are not interested in doing the typically church ceremony, and looking for someone to make it official, I might be your person. I am ordained through American Marriage Ministries* and my ordination is registered in Minnesota (i.e., I can marry you in MN).

My first wedding was my brother's in 2017. My last one was for a good friend on the North Shore. Maybe yours is next?

* Their belief is that everyone has the right to marry, the couple has the right to chose anyone to officiate, and all people have the right to solemnize marriage (my paraphrase).

Monday, November 2, 2020

Nov 6: A Space & Time for Holding Unknowns

Join us for an evening gathering to reflect on the election, regardless of the outcome (or, as is likely, lack of definitive outcome). 

What can we do to heal from the trauma that this election (and other events in this difficult time for our nation and world) have elicited in us? 

How can we move toward personal and collective healing—and the work that must be done, whatever that looks like for each one of us? 

We will gather to be with one another in a (virtual) space that is both safe and brave. 

Please bring a willingness to listen deeply and, if you wish, an offering—a song, poem, story, or other gift to share—that sustains or challenges you in these times.