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Monday, February 1, 2021

Guide to Spirit of Peace Meditation Online


The Spirit of Peace Meditation originated in Jan 2017 as a way to show up in divisive political space. A fellow dancer and I met at the MN State Capitol and adapted the dance into a walking meditation across the long mall, inviting the spirit of peace within us to lend our strength to the work at hand. When we arrived at the capital building steps, we moved our attention to recognizing the love and light in all as we turned to the four directions. Then we concluded with Joe Miller’s blessing, wrapping up the meditation with a joyous turn to spread the intention far and wide.


For virtual space, we have made these adaptations. Please listen to what your space and body allow and make further adaptations for yourself.

Our zoom practice is seated.

Spirit of Peace
Words: Rev. Otto Zing & Neil Douglas Klotz/Music: traditional
  1. Over "Spirit of Peace", our arms spread out like wings.
  2. We raise our arms over “To your cause we give our strength”.
  3. Over “that love may reign and wars may cease,” we turn our upper bodies with our open solar hands outward and then the other way, looking behind us.
  4. We bring our arms back in as if to collect all in a hug instead of bowing “Mir, Miru, Mir” (because bowing to the capital felt like the wrong message!).
Thy Light Is In All Forms
Words: Hazrat Inayat Khan/Music: Yakzan Valdez

The gestures of your hands and arms remain the same as the partner dance. Outlining the form of another on the first phrase; opening arms and hands out from the heart on the second. Repeat. Bow left, then right. On the last "Hu Allah Hu" one settles and grounds with oneself, when you would typically advance to a new partner.

In online settings, I guide folks to bring their attention to what is below and before us, to the right and left, behind and above us, and lastly to within. There will be 8 repetitions after humming the first two lines. The first time through establishes our motions without an intention to a particular direction.

May All Beings Be Well
We conclude with this Buddhist blessing by Joe Miller:

"May all beings be well;
May all being be happy;"

including the added third line:

"May all injured be healed.
Peace, Peace, Peace."
with a throwing confetti like joy after singing the last “peace”.

To read more about this Spirit of Peace Meditation practice, please see these posts tagged "Spirit of Peace Walk."

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