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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Midweek sunshine music lunch

Maybe its because its been rainy and overcast for the last 6 days.
Maybe its because everyone's had a hard work week so far. Maybe its
because I missed breakfast this morning. Today's lunch is extra

This afternoon I have 2 meetings dwtn Mpls so I decided to head over
early and grab lunch too. Peavey Plaza has music over the lunch hour
in June and food vendors are setup to feed the hungry who are escaping
from offices for awhile. I grabbed a generous pizza of spinach and
artichoke and with my bottle of water I headed down to find a spot to
listen to the soulful stylings of a singer/keys and guitarist doin'

What an escape it is! In the concrete construction jungle a green and
watery oasis is just below street level. Souls are grouped with others
to reconnect. Others are enjoying a little solitude. The music gives
this time a needed distraction for some and others, a muse to reflect
on or a voice to frustration. A place to be ourselves. An oasis.

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Work is love in action. ~Kahlil Gibran

The harmony you seek is less important than the harmony you bring. ~unknown

May blessings of love and hope rain on you, clearing the dust from
your sandals and refreshing you to welcome with open arms and heart
all the wonderful things in store for you.

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