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Thursday, July 16, 2009


At the Intl airport yesterday, my fancy noticed the people around me
looked like the people back home. Yet they talked in a different
language. Yet they seemed to have the same concerns as me.

I felt this way when I went to Cameroon, Africa. Although the vast
majority of people were colored darker than I, I never felt alienated.
Perhaps its because I've lost the fear of being different. I grew up
in a rural town where I was half like those around me but not fully.
Then I wanted so much to be accepted and didn't have the tools to do
so. As I moved away for college and have travelled more I see that
accepting oneself as a unique individual is the greatest gift back to
the world. One that I'm continually growing in understanding.

Amongst this onesness with my fellow travellers yesterday I also
noticed how individuals were dressed. Each seemed to have their own
style. In this Old World country where cookie cutter big box stores
and brand names have no space, the oneness of self is nurtured and
even expected. Hmm, I think I'm going to like this trip.

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Work is love in action. ~Kahlil Gibran

The harmony you seek is less important than the harmony you bring. ~unknown

May blessings of love and hope rain on you, clearing the dust from
your sandals and refreshing you to welcome with open arms and heart
all the wonderful things in store for you.

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