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Monday, April 4, 2011

notes of grace moment

Grace Notes has sung at the same nursing home three times over the last five weeks while my volunteer coordinator contact at the hospice was in transition.  The sweetest thing about this has been observing some of the subtle and sometimes not so subtle changes in those we see. 

Four weeks ago, we sang for a gentleman who was hunched over in a wheelchair, hardly lifting his head.  Two weeks ago we sang for him and he met our gaze with an energetic tongue.  Though it was a bit disturbing, we sang a few songs to him with our usual unswerving kindness and love. 

Tonight, we found him in bed.  He seemed relaxed and glad to see us, willingly turned off the TV with his remote and quietly encouraged us to learn Danny Boy and When Irish Eyes are Smiling.  My fellow singer and I sang only part of a song to this gentleman, because his roommate was on the phone reporting that his roommate had minstrels!  I think the roommate was envious that he didn't have musical visitors.  Our gentleman gently gave us the non-verbal cutoff sign and apologized for his roommate's behavior.  He seemed to enjoy our visit, even though it was short. I have enjoyed seeing him more engaged each visit. 

That's tonight's top Grace Note.  Stay tuned for more stories...

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