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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Encouraging new seeds to be sown

Due to social media barriers, I'm reposting my response to a Facebook conversation on the Progressive Christian Artists Network (PCAN) about Brian McLaren's Open Letter to Worship Leaders for non-Facebook folks. 

I hear two challenges for the pcan community: One is to get the songs written by this community out to more people. The other is how can we help foster more song writing, creative music and worship making? 

  • Can we host concerts in our local communities with a discussion component?
  • Would you be willing to share the songs (and their sources) you use on a Sunday or season?
  • How about an annual songwriting challenge?
  • Or something really radical, like giving songs (scores and audio) away? I appreciate intellectual property rights for acknowledging the source and giving the owner some rights. I think this system is now too cumbersome and limits the spread of good songs or liturgy. What would Jesus do to spread good songs?
The overall conversation focuses on the PR/marketing problem that all of Progressive Christianity seems to have. 

So ... what do you hear in Brian McLaren's words?  Do you sense other challenges?  And what role can you play in this?  (cuz we all want to enjoy some sunshine!)

In a stroke of coincidence or providence, The Gospel Coalition posted this tongue in cheek article about How to Discourage Artists in Church

For you clergy and lay folks in church leadership, where do you see yourself or your church doing good work?  How would you like to take one little step of change (cuz we want to create something sustainable longterm!)

The floor is open...

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