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May 26: Song for Tending Our Hearts: Justice

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dec 25: Xmas for the Lowly: Embodying the Magnificat

Christmas for the Lowly: Embodying the Magnificat. 
Prayers for the hungry and oppressed. Eucharist for all. 
Dances of Universal Peace from the Judeo-Christian traditions
Plus other tactile activities: Coloring Pages, Labyrinth Walk
Singing Christmas Carols from the hymnal 15 minutes before and after.
When:  Sunday, December 25, 2016, 10 a.m.
Where:  St. Mary's Episcopal Church
1895 Laurel Avenue, St. Paul, MN  55105
 Prayers.  Dances.  Eucharist.  Carols.
The events of this year has been like no other.  It starts with the end of last year at the 4th Precinct, includes Orlando, Philando Castile, Standing Rock, and an divisive election season.  I wonder what is going on, what is going to happen next.  In preparing for this Advent season, reading the Magnificat, Mary's prayer of praise and justice, has new resonance. 
Can this season be preparing us to birth something new?  Might the lowly be lifted up?  Will the hungry and oppressed be blessed?  Are we willing to risk vulnerability and uncertainty for new freedom? 

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