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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Spirit of Peace Walk

I've been getting nudges to do Dances in public places for months.  It's a bit daunting, to step out, but I've been accruing support from friends and ancestors to do it.  And yes, it is time. 

Spirit of Peace Walk

When:  Starting Sunday, January 15, 2017.  Everyday at 2p until Inauguration Day, Jan 20.*
What:  Walking/singing Spirit of Peace (see below).  If this calls to you, please join me in person or in spirit where you are. 
Where:  Meeting at Gold Star Table west of the courtyard in front of the Veterans Service Building. (map)
Gold Star Table with the Minnesota State Capital in the background.

* Depending on interest, this may continue daily for awhile with a transition to a different frequency (weekly, monthly?) after that.

Song words: 
Spirit of Peace
To your cause we give our strength
That love may reign and wars may cease
Mir, Miru, Mir*

* "Mir, Miru, Mir" is a Russian play for "Peace, peace on earth."  (There's a lot more history about this song that I'll share at a different time)

Movements:  Please follow the leader for variations on following.  Each line corresponds with a line of the chant.
  1. Start with hands cupped in front of heart, spreading/opening arms out over phrase and walking
  2. Continuing to Walk, hands on shoulders with people next to you
  3. Make one Turn in place
  4. Make a Slow Bow over the course of the phrase
Dance Doodle:  Spirit of Peace

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