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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Oct 25: Willmar residency, part 2

Last night I got to lead paperless songs, a la Music that Makes Community, at a Wednesday evening Eucharist service at Vinje Lutheran Church, in Willmar, MN at the invitation of their music director, John Jahr. 

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Besides the joy of sharing songs with others and their incredible sanctuary (^^ !!), I am thrilled to be in the neighborhood of Green Lake Bible Camp (Spicer) where I spent a week during two of my childhood summers playing in the lake and in the woods. 

I won't be able to visit GLBC before I head back to the Cities. BUT  I'll be back on Wednesday, October 25 to lead more songs at Vinje and plan to stop by then. 

After that, the current plan is to head to Morris and lead Dances of Universal Peace on Thursday evening, October 26.  I would love to offer some Full Voice individual or group sessions in this central, west central part of Minnesota (or any of the other activities that I do like install a temporary labyrinth or make some doodling art or ???) while I'm here.  Let me know if you or someone you know may be interested in collaborating. 

Peace and blessings, Conie

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