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Monday, August 27, 2018

Conie's Full Voice Story

We at Points of Light Music (PoLiMu) were looking over our content about Full Voice and realized we had lots of posts about when classes were and very little about why we thought it was amazing and important work. 

So without further ado ...

Conie met the Full Voice Work when she was searching for more support on her leadership journey.  She was the first in her family to have a college degree and hold a leadership position outside the family farm.  It was a landscape Conie was unfamiliar with and she was looking for guidance. 

A mentor of hers suggested she check out a women's leadership circle and through that multi-week series Conie met Barbara McAfee.  That morning of Full Voice Work tapped innate wisdom and creativity in Conie that had been dormant for a long time and were ready to be expressed.  Just ask Conie about being invited to proclaiming the virtues of "Lasagna!"

Thus began a long relationship between Conie and Barbara exploring the voice as client/coach, mentor/mentee, and now colleagues. 

Receiving Full Voice Coaching gave Conie a wider and more vibrant vocal palette to show up in her life.  Professionally, she was able to be more confident and comfortable in her body because of the Work.  Personally, the Work helped her be more mindful of the nuances beyond the words we speak that our voice communicates. 

What will Full Voice Coaching do for you?  Experience the work and see what happens next. 

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