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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Song/Dance: I Planted Seeds: Where & How

Have you sung and danced "I Planted Seeds" recently?  Has it taken root in your ears and heart and started to grow?  

Are you wanting to share it with other people in other places and would like to make sure you're getting it right by the creator?  

Will you be reprinting the words and wish to appropriately credit the source?  

We're glad this song and dance has meaning for you as it does for us!  

Here's the information you are looking for to double check your understanding of the song and dance, the appropriate way to cite it, and some bonus words from its originator about how to share it with others.

Where to Find the Song & Dance Movements
“The dance 'I Planted Seeds' is published in a book of the same name containing eighteen Dances of Universal Peace by Anahata Iradah. All the dances in the book (with 2 instructional DVD’s) are inspired by a sacred tradition of the earth."  You can order it here. 

Listen on YouTube
The first 30 seconds are an instrumental introduction which you can adapt with the musicians you have available to you. At about 2:30, the recording goes into a section of personal introductions and planting intentions, which is lovely to do as part of a retreat setting. Anahata made this recording in Brasil so most of the folks are planting their intentions in Portuguese. 

How to Cite the Source when reprinting the Words
Sacred phrase: Murshid Samuel L. Lewis from "In the Garden”.
Music by Anahata Iradah
©2015, Used with permission

Words from Anahata Iradah, the originator
“I Planted Seeds” (the dance) helps us to remember that the good seeds we plant are simply waiting for the right moment to come to full fruition. So dance with a sense of fun, freedom and timelessness and all shall be revealed at the right time!"  ~ Anahata Iradah

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