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May 26: Song for Tending Our Hearts: Justice

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Art Show: Celebration of Community

You're invited to ...

What:  "Celebration of Community" Juried Art Show
Where:  St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, 2136 Carter Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108 (map)
When:  now through April 26, 2020, open for viewing Sunday mornings and 9:30a-3p on Tuesday-Fridays.  

These two pieces are including in the show.  

One is called "Transforming Tears of Sorrow into Hearts Full of Joy, i.e., Church!"  I can't find a digital copy easily, so I'll link it once I've gone to see the show.  Or if you go, please take a selfie with it and tag us in it!  IG:  @pointsoflight_mu

The other is one a #DanceDoodle, a energetic reflection of the Introductory Bismillah, a Dance of Universal Peace.  It is also one of our earliest Instagram posts.  And the first time I asked the question #whatdoyousense? 

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So, how about it?

p.s. We're glad to be accepted into this show.  We also submitted a piece into the "Seeing God" show this year.  It was not accepted, so we're definitely not getting too big for our britches over here.  ;)

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