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Monday, May 10, 2021

Summer 2021 Heart Songs Plans (tentative)

We at Points of Light Music are looking forward to expanding our Heart Songs singing gathering beyond zoom while the weather is warmer at 45 degrees latitude!  

Our summer plan is to keep to the biweekly schedule and split the time online and in-person.  Starting in June, the first Monday will be online with the third Monday being in-person at a not yet decided location in the Twin Cities.  At least until we have 5 Mondays and then it will shift, i.e. August.  

The summer schedule looks like this:  

  • June 7: online
  • June 21: in-person
  • July 5: online
  • July 19: in-person
  • August 2: online
  • August 16: in-person
  • August 30: online
Same time, 6:30-8p CT (UTC-05)

Thinking tentatively for fall, it's likely we'll have one more in-person gathering on September 13, then move the rest of the dates to online.  An exception may be made for October 11, because it may be glorious ... and it may be cold.  You never can tell in Minnesota.

As for in-person locations, we're open to suggestions.  As this is an offering co-hosted by Edina-Morningside UCC it would be lovely to keep it in the south metro.  Along the Minnehaha Creek would be ideal, we think.  Good (free) parking, easy access to highways, and nature, some shelter in case of weather, etc.  Some of the places we are considering: 
  • Hidden Falls Park (north gate) in St. Paul, 
  • Browndale Park in St. Louis Park, 
  • Minnehaha Falls (though parking), 
  • anywhere along Minnehaha Creek (love those cross-streets!), 
  • Lake Harriet (particularly the quieter parks surrounding, i.e., not the bandshell), 
  • the Two Rivers Overlook (St. Paul at Mississippi River Blvd, Shepherd Road, and Gannon), 
  • somewhere on the Summit Avenue boulevard in St. Paul, 
  • a courtyard somewhere (Mt Olivet Congregation on Inglehart, St. Paul, came to mind), 
  • Linwood Park in St. Paul, 
  • Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis 
  • ... the list could go on ... 
We'd love your opinions, recommendations, preferences!  Drop them in the comments below or send a line via the Contact Us form.

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