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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Jun 21: Heart Songs Location at Lake Nokomis!

Announcing the location at Lake Nokomis for the In-Person Heart Songs Song Circle!  

Meet us at this circle of benches:

Don't know where that is?  

No worries, we didn't either until just a few days ago.  We will give you a few descriptions on how to find yourself there in just a second.  

Other important things you need to know are:  

  • When:  Monday, June 21, 2021, 6:30-8 p.m. 
  • Parking:  ample on street and off-street fairly close
  • Playground:  kiddos are welcome to follow their bodies with the singing or at the playground close by
  • Bathrooms:  portapotty in the parking lot and park restrooms on the back (lakeside) of the recreation center 
  • Water:  There probably is potable water nearby, but I suggest you bring your own!
  • Temperature:  The forecast is partly sunny and cooler than the last few weeks.  A high of 70 degrees, as of Saturday evening.  Sounds like we should dress in layers!
  • Seating:  There's three benches that are easily socially distant from each other.  Plan to bring your own camp chair in case these are taken!

Address for your map device:

2405 East Minnehaha Parkway
Minneapolis, MN

This will bring you to the Lake Nokomis Recreation Center.  Head over to the overflow parking lot to the east, in front of the Playground. You'll find this sign in the overflow lot.  Head toward the trees on the far left of this picture (above the mirror) and you'll find the benches.  We'll likely have some standing flags to say "We're here!"

Here's other descriptions to orient yourself.  
  • From the lake:  We will be north of it, above the kayak & canoe boat launch.  
  • From the Recreation Center:  We will be east of it.
  • From Woodlawn Boulevard:  You can park here, south of Minnehaha Parkway, and walk west to find the benches.  
We hope this is helpful!  See you there!

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