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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Setlist from Lutheran Outdoor Ministries, Nov 9, 2021

Hi there!

If you're reading this you probably attended the Tuesday night plenary of the Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Network Gathering with Conie and Ross Murray from The Naming Project.  Here's the setlist of what we sang (with links to online recordings!) and a few other resources we thought you might want to take with you... 

Song setlist!

Conie's projects

Biracial & Rural - arts-centered community of care and storytelling space by, for, with folks who identify or connect with the experiences of living in multi-cultural rural spaces.  Dreams of community building retreats and ongoing support and visibility.

Freeing Refrains - extended solo version of the Biracial & Rural storytelling space.  Where the stories of a mixed Asian person with the songs that buoyed them, and you are invited to consider the forces that bind and liberate us, individually and communally.  An opportunity to meet other black, indigenous, people of color with similar and different experiences.  Next gatherings:  Sat, Dec 4, 10a CT

Other Resources

Music That Makes Community
- organization supporting individuals and ecumenical communities in the practices of paperless community singing to enliven spiritual lives.  Contact Paul Vasile, Executive Director, to host a 3-day retreat at your camp  with your counseling staff (or a collective of camps!) or find out where you can send your staff to a workshop.

Midwest Mixed - an organization that hosts monthly Dialogue events and biennial conferences for, by, and with folks who identity or connect with the experience of being biracial, multi-ethnic, mixed, or a trans-racially or -nationally adoptee.
  • Priya Parker's The Art of Gathering: How We Meet & Why It Matters - an interesting, provocative book full of stories.  You'll see yourself doing well in some areas and realizing their opportunities for growth too.  
  • Resmaa Menakem's My Grandmother's Hands: Racialized Trauma & the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts & Bodies - the settling exercise is grounded and inspired by the body-breath exercises from the book.  
I welcome follow up conversations about songs, the art, the stories.  I've been embracing an attitude of offering over an expectation of perfection.  May our time together have seeds of possibility, creativity, and curiosity for the future.  

p.s. if you have stills or videos from the plenary, we would love to see them!  Tag us on social media:  IG: @pointsoflight_mu | fb: PointsOfLightMusic

* "unknown" designations: Means this useful song has had an adventurous life where its source credits information has gotten disconnected or lost along the way.  We would love to know if song and creator info can be reconnected.  Drop us a line at listening@pointsoflightmusic.net.  

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