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Monday, June 12, 2023

Setlists for 2023 MN Conference Annual Meeting


If you're reading this you probably attended Protecting God's Gift of Creation, the MN Conference UCC Annual Meeting Friday and Saturday, June 9-10, 2023 in St. Joseph, Minnesota.

Many of you have asked about the songs we sang and even expressed curiosity about the paperless song sharing skills to deliver some of the songs.  Here is a list of songs we sang with links to online recordings and related resources.   

Please be in touch if you have questions or comments about anything from our time together!  

Friday Morning Opening Worship
Friday Evening Banquet Worship

Saturday Closing Worship
Other Songs
  • Cultivate Courage** (words: Casper ter Kuile; music: Liz Digitale Anderson***)
  • Holding Song** (Ian Carrick)
* From Convergence Music Project.  See more detail below.
** Taught with paperless songleading skills from Music that Makes Community.  See more below.
*** No online recording available yet!  We'll edit the post when one becomes available.  Let us know in the comments if you find one first!

  • Music that Makes Community (MMC), https://www.musicthatmakescommunity.org/, practices communal song-sharing that inspires deep spiritual connection, brave shared leadership, and sparks the possibility of transformation in our world.  Workshops in Winona and Chicago are in the works soon!  Sign up for MMC's newsletter to get the latest details on upcoming workshops.
  • Convergence Music Projecthttps://www.convergencemp.com/.  Here's a little video about their online catalog:

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