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Saturday, July 3, 2010

SHH poll: dates, times, names

Q&A time!  I'm standing at a multi-road intersection with a few decisions to make.  Since SHH! is about communities make music together, I need more input from you, the community.  When you have a moment, please add your two cents to this Doodle poll about dates and times.

If you haven't completed a Doodle poll, here's what to do:  First enter your name or pseudonym in the "Your name" box.  Then select the green-yes; yellow-maybe; or red-no for each column-date/time combination.  Save your selections.  If your preferred option isn't listed, you can let me know what it is by adding a comment.  Look for the "Add a comment" lower on the page. 

Another thing I have been mulling about is the words used in the acronym, SHH.  Sing is set -- unless there's a different better than sliced bread word to describe what we're doing, Sing is staying.  It's my 'H' words that I'm waffly about.  Harmony is a good musical and group term for what we're doing.  It's that Heavenly word that I'm thinking about swapping out.  It has religious connotations that I worry may stear some folks away from the activity.  Using "holy" is the same, although I personally believe one should make the ordinary everyday activities holy.  What if I used "healing?"  Some folks swear music is the magic balm for their souls.  I'm not about to argue with them, but I'm afraid of using Healing in the title.  It feels too much like a promise -- one that I can't keep.  What do you think of "Sing Harmony Here @ [location of your choice]?"  "Here" isn't very descriptive, but it also avoids the heebie-jeebies of the others.  I'm open to suggestions -- Add a comment here, on the Doodle poll or drop me an email at pointsoflightmusic@gmail.com

Thanks for sharing your input!  I plan to schedule some sings shortly and use your feedback in the short and long term.  Stay tuned for details!


  1. As a previously non-musical person - "Sing Harmony Here," makes the Harmony word stand out and would intimidate me. (I would think I was expected to know how to sing harmonies). Unfortunately I don't have a suggestion to make it "better". This is just what would have popped into my head if I read the title without knowing anything more.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts, Tammy. I will consider other H words. Another phrase this SHH acroymn could stand for that just popped into my head is Sound Heaven & Hell. Not perfect, but interesting nonetheless.