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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Savoring moments

Last night Grace Notes sang to a woman who glowed in the presence of her visiting husband and daughter.  She didn't speak but her eyes and face spoke volumes of the innocent joy of basking in the attention of family.  Words of encouragement and comfort tumbled out of our mouths to them, for them.  Her guests were so appreciative saying that music helps move through the clouds, reaches deeper to connect with the person they love and remember.  After savoring deep hugs of gratitude and strength we parted. 

Tonight I am savoring the generosity of 18 friends and family who made my first fundraising attempt a success. You went beyond the bounds of my imagination and I am so grateful.  With your support I can dream bigger dreams for bringing music for healing to those in need. 

The impact this can make is awesome.  Join us on this journey of savoring moments.  It's just beginning.

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