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Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Vibrant Health & Intimacy Manifesto

I penned this in early August 2014.  It seems right to share at this solstice turning point near the beginning of another calendar year where the soil of our hearts are ready for new dreams and creations to germinate and flower.


I want more perfect days like this.  Not perfect carbon copies of warm sun, light breeze, and ideal weather for the season.  Perfection in the balance of care, goodness, giving-receiving.  Each unique in its own way.

I wish for more strength to persevere in my goals for personal care.  May the time I spend singing, playing, praying, writing, and creating be fruitful a thousand fold.

I want to be more vigilant, proactive about the bedtime I keep.  More rest is an important part of self-care and I include it in the same list as above.

I look forward to a sense of closeness with someone I trust and adore.

I will be content with the friendship and family connections I treasure now and strive to practice authentic presence and support with each.

I will care for this physical body I've been given with more meals thoughtfully prepared and served, exercise that invigorates the body and clears the mind.

I want to practice more forgiveness of myself and others in the work I do and create while being unflinching in my commitment to good visions, missions, and values guiding the way.

I wish to create environments that are safe for play and experimentation for others to go a little bit farther than they thought they wanted or could.  For others to be comforted they are not alone, that whatever they are working through there is a group of caring folks surrounding them with support through listening, sharing stories, and plain being present.
I wish to be a guide for others to go deeper in a variety of spiritual practices for mindfulness.  I wish to be open and accepting of others wherever their path leads them to in this moment.

My wish for vibrant health and intimacy is my manifesto.  I will give 100% of my best energy this body and today's circumstances has to offer.  I will judge this moment on its own merit. 

I will love myself as I love others. 

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