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Friday, November 6, 2015

Meet Mary Martin Lane

We'd like to introduce you to Mary Martin Lane, the creator of Tales of a Roaming Catholic: a 12-Step Healing Dance Memoir, and our partner in this new project.

The following is an excerpt from PeaceDanceMN.com

About Mary Martin Lane:  When I considered my introduction to Centering Prayer (1998) to be the equivalent of a Dairy Queen hot fudge sundae, the Holy One surprised me with “the cherry on top” of the Dances of Universal Peace embedded within my initial experiences of Saadi’s Aramaic Studies (2009). The healing power of Dance circles, with their unique “oneness” embodied through the dancers, left me shaken, weeping, laughing, and then gratefully reduced to silent awe before The Real Presence.

And her thoughts on Dance for the Healing of Memories through Prayers and Poems:

You are invited to leaf through Mary Martin’s aged poetry album based on selected prayers from the traditional Catholic Latin Mass, as seen through the somber eyes and bruised heart of a child growing up (1940-1950s) in an environment with significant dysfunctional issues. In “browsing” snapshots (as poems) of her earliest spiritual influences, what is there in revealing ‘stuffed secrets’ that may call forth something in your own being -- conscious or unconscious awareness -- that is being invited to a deeper level of Healing, or a keener expression of Gratitude, through the healing power of The Dance(s,) which leads you into the heart of The Holy One?

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