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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Support Roaming Catholic

As with any good work, doing it in community with others takes it farther. So I invite you to support my current project, Roaming Catholic, in whatever way suits you best at this time.

The first level of support is your interest. 

Knowing that you're interested in this project is important to me because it affirms that it is worthwhile and I'm not wondering off into La-la-land for no good reason. Also, if we were to seek grants and other financial sources, those funders like to see how many folks are on our email list because it gives them a sense of how well we connect with others. So, please sign up for the email list (see the form on the right side of this page) and select "Dances of Universal Peace." Or feel free to keep checking here for updates. We want to feel your love and light through subscriptions and website pings!

Second level of support is sharing. 

You can multiply the sense of love and light here! Help us expand who may be interested in this participatory dance theater piece by sharing this blog post. Know anybody who has attended a 12-step group? A recovering Catholic? Practice meditation? Love the Dances of Universal Peace? Is willing to try something a bit unusual? We are so grateful for your assistance in connect us to others who could benefit from this experience when it is offered.

** If you're one of the lucky ones who has participated in one of the abbreviated preview offerings, would you be willing to write a short review/reflection about it? You can share it as a comment below or email your comments to PointsOfLightMusic@gmail.com. We would love to hear how it touched you and share it with others.

Third level of support is financial. 

If you are able to contribute real dollars and cents to this project, we will really be able to pay for space rental, provide scholarships for attendees with financial limitations, compensate dance leaders and accompanying musicians, cover expenses for travel and promotional material. This is where the dream gets wings to live.

Points of Light Music has a fiscal sponsor named Springboard for the Arts*. Using Springboard's non-profit status you can make a tax deductible contribution online or by check.
  1. Online at GiveMN.org - You can contribute to the Roaming Catholic fundraising page at any time, day or night, all year round. 24/7/365. Consider making a contribution in honor of someone's birthday or for a Christmas gift or memorial. 
  • Minnesota also has this special Give to the Max Day every year. If you're not familiar with it, read about their story here. This year it is Thursday, November 12, 2015. On this day, Springboard for the Arts is matching every donor's contribution with $10 for up to 25 donors or $250. Also if we are one of the top three incubator projects with the most donors, we'll get another bonus. Luckily you don't need to add this to your to do list for 11/12/15 because the GiveMN website can now schedule your contribution to be deducted and applied on that day. Yay! 
  1. You can contribute by check if you prefer. Make the check out to "Springboard for the Arts" with "Points of Light Music" in the memo line, then mail it to "Points of Light Music, P.O. Box 11791, St. Paul, MN 55111."
Thank you so much for your support for Roaming Catholic. Mary Martin Lane and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


* Points of Light Music (Roaming Catholic) is a sponsored project of Springboard for the Arts, a nonprofit arts service organization. Contributions on behalf of Points of Light Music (Roaming Catholic) may be made payable to Springboard for the Arts and are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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