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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Looking for Singing Circles in the Twin Cities?

There's lots of opportunities to sing in the welcoming "Come as you are, the songs will be taught to you" paperless aural tradition in the Twin Cities metro area.  The following are some events and a Facebook group to stay informed where you can sing with others:

Friday, July 1, 6:30-8:30 p.m. - Searra Jade House Concert
Location details on Facebook event page

Searra Jade's Protected by Angels part song was on the hit parade of the 2015 and 2016 Village Fire event in June.  She is traveling through the Midwest this weekend on her way to the West Coast.  Come and listen and sing with us! 


Selected Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 p.m. - Singing Under the Stars:  Song Circle by the Mississippi
When:  July 13 & 27
Where:  Fire circle next to the Mississippi just south of Lake Street in Minneapolis. 
Park your car or bike at The Danish American Center, 3030 W River Pkwy, Minneapolis, then cross the river road to the bike path and head south. When you see a maroon sign for the Minnehaha Academy on the other side of the street to the west, you will see a path that heads into the woods to the East. Head down this path and then straight to the river. There is an established fire circle here. You may even be able to follow voices.
Rain location: The Jam Room in Jam House, 3612 10th Ave S, Mpls (This is a normal looking house. Come inside and walk up the stairs to the 2nd floor.)
Organizer:  Brenna, 701-739-9001

Our bodies are created to sing. Forget anyone who ever told you not to sing or that you
couldn’t do it. This is a place for us to reclaim what has always been ours. We will learn
songs without music and wail them to the night or whisper them to our souls.

A Resource to stay on top of what community singing is happening around the Twin Cities!
A Facebook Group:  Twin Cities Singing Circles
Welcome to the Song Circle board! We want you to be able to come here and find song circles in the area or post that you are hosting one! Here is how we describe the events to be posted on this page:
We follow the ancient oral tradition of song sharing as we gather in circles in living rooms, around fires, in parks and under tents in our villages and neighborhoods here in the Twin Cities. Join us!


You're probably wondering when Conie is going to restart Sing Heavenly Harmony Home (SHHH!) in the Library or some other equivalent.  She is too.  One of her struggles is to find a time folks are available.  So, when would you attend one of her circles?  Please leave a comment below or drop an email to conie@pointsoflightmusic.net.  Thanks! 

In the meantime, keep singing!  Have a great summer!  Cheers, Conie

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