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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


We at Points Of Light Music announce the following changes to our monthly programming: 
These changes flag changes ahead. 

For Sing Harmony, Hungry Hearts, the December sing will be our last at the East Side Freedom Library.  It will be a good one with Brenna Everson as our guest leader, so make plans to attend on Thu, Dec 7!  (here she is leading a song...)

As for Dances of Universal Peace on the 3rd Saturday of the month, we've been noticing a few things: our primary leader has been out of town for most of the 3rd Saturdays this year; this primary leader also has church jobs on Sunday mornings and evenings and pondering if having another leader/facilitator intensive space right before it is wise (probably not).  Some of what we're noticing externally is the local kirtan community is pretty active on Saturday evenings. 

So, SHHH and DUP are looking for new dates and times and places. If you have preferences, suggestions, and ideas, please drop us a line at shine@pointsoflightmusic.net.  Or just complete the poll on the side of the page.

We greatly appreciate your interest and look forward to dancing and singing with you soon! 

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