Thursday, December 28, 2017

Feb 10: MMC at SW MN ELCA event

Points of Light Music is excited to be co-presenting two hour long Music that Makes Community workshop with John Jahr in Willmar, MN in February.  It is one of many sessions being offered to ELCA congregations in the Southwest Minnesota synod as part of their Equipping Congregations Day.  If you're part of one of these churches, check with your pastor or synod representative to see how you can register to attend.
Conie grew up in an ELCA church in Southwestern Minnesota surrounded by folks who nurtured and supported her budding musicianship and vocation as a church musician.  It seems like a homecoming to return to the area where she attended summer bible camp to offer new music tools and resources for lay and clergy in the small congregations of her youth. 
Points Of Light Music is very interested in bringing the paperless song leading tools and resources to the congregations and communities of rural Minnesota.  If you're not able to attend this workshop in Willmar, reach out to to talk about scheduling a 60-90 minute workshop in your community.  In addition to MMC tools and resources, Points Of Light Music offers Dances of Universal Peace events, Full Voice coaching sessions, spiritual direction/companioning, and more.  See the right column for more details. 

Music that Makes Community

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