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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Setlist from the Singing Field Song Circle @ St. Luke's Farmer's Market, Aug 20, 202

Here are the songs Liz and Conie led at the Singing Field Song Circle at St. Luke's Farmer's Market on Saturday morning, August 20, 2022: 

  1. You are in the right place (Martha Burford)
  2. I am free in my body (Shireen Amini) - teaching notes from The Bird Sings website
  3. Get Into Your Body (Lea Morris)
  4. Trees Grow Slow (Laurence Cole)
  5. The Ocean refuses no river (please let us know in the comments if you know this song's origins or find an online recording!)
  6. We shall be known (Karisha Longaker/MaMuse) - teaching notes from The Bird Sings website
  7. Out Beyond Ideas (Rumi/Laurence Cole)
  8. Out Beyond Ideas (Rumi/shared by Karen who learned it from Megan ... let us know if you know more details about this song's origins!)
We are grateful to you for singing with us! We hope to plan a few more of these next summer. 

Keep singing and stay hydrated, graceful, and creative!

Love, Liz and Conie

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