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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Year End BnR Fundraising Gratitude & S T R E T C H!

This update is about a month overdue. Partly because of shock (we made our initial goal! What what?!?) and partly because it's a pretty busy time for church musicians everywhere.

We feel so appreciative of all our donors. The ones who gave $2,500 and those who gave $10. You're all the same to us. We're feeling the love and support for the Biracial & Rural community and the Freeing Stuck Refrains project at Points of Light Music pretty strongly. Thank you.

With four days left in the calendar year, we're putting out a stretch goal of $5,000. We'll only $605 short of that now. Those funds will go toward creating an in-person gathering of Freeing Refrains.
Can you help us reach this goal?  Donate here.

Could you forward this to others who might have heart connections to the project's mission and vision of building a community of care for multi-cultural individuals in predominantly white spaces? Or share it with your social media friends?

Is there another dedication or memorial you'd add?

Would you like to support expanding the web of community connections, brave storytellers, and truth telling that heals?

Thank you for donating.

Conie B    

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