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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Heart Song Setlist from May 8, 2023

 Here's the list of songs we sang virtually on May 8, 2023. 

  1. Come, come whoever you are* (Rumi/Dale Zola)
  2. The Ocean Refuses No River** (traditional Sufi text & Lila Flood/Yakzan Valdez)
  3. Holding Song (Ian Carrick)
  4. God is Here Today (from Guatamala) - led by Nancy
  5. Cultivate Courage*** (Casper ter Kuile/Liz Digitale Anderson)
  6. Now the Day is Over (Kerri Meyer) - led by Nancy (scroll halfway down)
  7. Sending You Light (Melanie DeMore)
  8. Put Your Roots Down (Molly Hartwell)

* Click on "Attached Resources" button
** We've haven't found an online recording of the same tune yet.  If you find one, let us know in the comments!
*** Liz has a recording of a live sing that we're hoping they put on SoundCloud soon!

Want to know when we are gathering next or what we sang or how to join us? Visit this page about Hearts Songs for more details.

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