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Friday, July 28, 2023

Setlist for Jul 28 Songs In Your Body, On This Land

Here are the songs we sang at the Songs in Your Body, On this Land Community Sing hosted by 7400 Woodlawn Center for Community, Arts, and Spirituality at Greenlake Park on Thursday night, July 27, 2023:
  1. Forget Your Perfect Offering (words: Leonard Cohen/music: unknown)
  2. May This Body Be a Bridge (Te Martin)
  3. I did not come here alone (The Peace Poets)
  4. Stop outsourcing your self-worth* (Liz Digitale Anderson, based on a quote by Logan Ury on the We Can Do Hard Things podcast)
  5. I will believe the truth about myself (Macrina Wiederkehr/Velma Frye)
  6. Trees Grow Slow (Laurence Cole)
  7. We Are Weaving Our Lives (Alexis Sunshine Rose) - led by Annie & Linnea, Mpls
  8. The Future is Calling (Sarina Partridge) - led by Patti Powell, from Vancouver, BC
  9. Gopala** (words & music: traditional/movements: Qibla Veda Rama)
  10. Cultivate Courage* (words: Casper ter Kuile; music: Liz Digitale Anderson)
  11. Healing is Possible (Orion Johnstone)
  12. We get there together (Or never get there at all) (Josh Blaine)
* Liz doesn't have these songs online yet. We'll let you know when they are!
** We haven't found an online recording of this song.  If you have found one, please let us know!

Thank you to the group who came to sing with us! You came from near and far, planned and unplanned.  Joy and sensitivity, conviction and healing were shared and we hope strands of connections were braided together.  

I know a few of you took pictures.  We would love to see them if you're ok with that!  If you're ok with public sharing, please post them to the facebook event.  If not, send them to listening@pointsoflightmusic.net instead.

So much gratitude to Cara and Harriet from 7400 Woodlawn, Center for Community, Arts, and Spirituality for inviting and hosting us so beautifully!

If you weren't able to make a donation in person or online, please know you can do so here.  Be sure to select "Community Sing Registration/Donation" - otherwise it will be routed elsewhere!

Keep singing and stay embodied and connected to the land, friends!  

Love, Liz and Conie, a.k.a. Good Trouble

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