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Monday, August 8, 2016

ISO Brave Individuals and Groups for Full Voice coaching

I'm in the final six-week stretch of my Full Voice coach training with Barbara McAfee.  It's been an exhilarating and intense ride as I continue to plumb the secrets of my voice to use it more effectively with work and family. 

A little doodling of the 5 Elements Framework: 
Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, Air
It's that time in training where I need help getting more experience leading individuals and groups through the 5 Elements Framework. 

Would you like to help me?  To volunteer the only thing you need is a willing spirit to try something new.  Being a "singer" is not a requirement.  The 5 Elements is about exploring the different sound characteristics of our voices and using them more thoughtfully and effectively. 

If you would like to accept this mission, please send me an email at fullvoice@pointsoflightmusic.net or give me a call/text at 612-756-8011 and leave a message about when would be a good time to meet.  I will follow up in the next business day or so.

This first lesson is FREE, gratis, pro bono, on me because I'm in training.  All I ask is for honest feedback on what worked during the session, what was missing, what would be helpful, etc. 

Thanks for considering this!  Please feel free to pass this invitation onto others you think would benefit from this work. 

--No animals or humans will be harmed in the sound experiments involved. 

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