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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Our Political Life Together

It is Minnesota's Primary Election Day today! 

I was sitting with my breakfast at my kitchen table this morning when I realized I live next to a polling place. The turf paint is still visible from last Tuesday's National Night Out labyrinth ... And wouldn't it be a good time to invite folks coming and going to the polls to reflect on democracy, civic engagement, and our political life together? 

Out come the pennants and the paper and markers! 


So, on this Primary Election Day, what are you reflecting on? 

- where and when did you first vote?
- what concern do you have for our city, neighborhood, state, country, world? 
- what's your favorite way to get involved? 
- what's a funny, crazy, <fill in the blank> story about a past election? 
- what does democracy mean to you? 
- or anything else you'd like to share...

If you're not in my St. Paul precinct, I'd love to hear your thoughts too! Please write a note in the comments below. 

Thanks! And happy Primary Election Day! 

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