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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Meet Anne!

Points of Light Music is excited to introduce you to the new folks on the Biracial & Rural (BnR) leadership team! Here's our second interview with Anne Gerber.


Points of Light Music (polimu):  Tell us about your relationship to Biracial & Rural. How did it begin and when? 

Anne Gerber (ag):  In February of 2022, in my search for other BIPOC healers to collaborate with I meet Conie through a mutual friend,Kali. My desire was to build a healing space for other BIPOC folks with the shared experience of living in suburban or rural communities. When meeting Conie and hearing about her already established work of Biracial and Rural I felt the instant connection of a shared desire of healing and the importance of storytelling.

polimu: BnR is described as a community of care and storytelling space. What draws you to BnR? 

ag:  In unpacking systemic racism in my life and lived communities, I realize how systems have kept us separate and silenced from ourselves and each other. I’m drawn to BnR to begin to heal that not just for my individual self but for our greater BIPOC family.

polimu:  Do you have a preferred storytelling medium? Is there one you would like to explore? 

ag:  Movement and spoken word light me up! I have a collection of proses in a series titled, “white-ME-black”,that explores the often painful and confusing experiences with self identifying and racism as a black biracial women growing up in a white German catholic family. I would love to explore nurturing this body of work through pairing movement to it and unlocking more words for some new written pieces.

polimu:  What is your vision for the future of BnR? 

ag:  My vision for BnR is for BIPOC folks to share, learn and heal from one another through creating space for self exploration of their story through artistic mediums, especially in our unrepresented rural communities.

polimu:  Is there anything you'd like to share? 

ag:  As an energetic and holistic practitioner sharing self care techniques to help BIPOC individuals tap into their internal world and body. I also hope to one day share my collection of proses from the series, “white-ME-black” with others.


We're so delighted and excited to share this BnR journey with Anne! Read their bio at http://www.divinerootshealing.com/about-dr

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