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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Meet Kali!

Points of Light Music is excited to introduce you to the new folks on the Biracial & Rural (BnR) leadership team!  Here's our first interview with Kali Higgins.  


Points of Light Music (polimu):  Tell us about your relationship to Biracial & Rural. How did it begin and when? 

Kali Higgins (kh): I first learned of Biracial & Rural when I met Conie in August of 2021. We found each other on a local BIPOC facebook group and got to chatting about how we might collaborate. At the time a room in my wellness center was becoming available to rent to a new artist. Conie was looking for a space to host some of her events as her other residency she had was coming to a close. The timing felt perfect for us to begin a partnership as "roommates," people sharing space and common goals. Through simple interactions of catching up in passing between our work schedules as well as planned lunch breaks together, and walks to the coop, we slowly began to build our relationship. For the longest time, my experience with BnR has mostly been through the stories Conie shares with me. Later as we realized we have a common vision, I am honored and excited to be included in cultivating the next stages of this project's growth.

polimu:  BnR is described as a community of care and storytelling space. What draws you to BnR? 

kh:  Through the last 10 years working in the field of wellness (and sick care) in both the hospital for 4 years and through my own practice for the last 8 years, I find that so much healing happens when in community and when there is space for us to share our stories. When I heard about Conie's intentionality around these two aspects of the puzzle with BnR, I knew I needed to learn more!

polimu:  Do you have a preferred storytelling medium? Is there one you would like to explore? 

kh:  I love storytelling in so many forms! My main and more traditional medium I studied through college was writing. I graduated with an English degree and utilize those skills in my work and in my personal life through poems I write in my journal. I would love to explore a more sustained practice in my writing life either via essays, poetry, or a book. I also enjoy free-writing and visual art journalling which I would like to explore more of. Since school, through my work I expanded my understanding of storytelling to reach other mediums such as astrology. As an astrologer, I learn the language of the soul through the symbolism of planets and their relationships to one another and how they show up in somebody's natal chart. Noticing the patterns in the chart and how they take shape and express themselves is a lovely and creative way to engage in storytelling and story-listening. Bearing witness to this process of dancing metaphors in the skies and lives of people, I engage in a creative storytelling process that is deeply fulfilling.

polimu:  What is your vision for the future of BnR? 

kh: I am here to listen to what wants to unfold with BnR (and with myself). The work I hope to explore with BnR will be just as much a walk with myself as it will be a walk alongside the community. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to explore with other like-minded/hearted people what the future beholds for us all. And, I look forward to reaching more people in the community through future engagements/events and creative experiences!

polimu:  Is there anything you'd like to share? 

kh: I am deeply called to play more with my creative and artistic expression and am overjoyed to be connecting to this part of myself, with other BIPOC people through the beautiful storytelling space that BnR holds.


We're so delighted and excited to share this BnR journey with Kali!  Read Kali's bio at https://kali.mn/kali-higgins.

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