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May 2: Retrain Your Lizard Brain: Somatic Singing for Trauma & Resilience

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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Setlist from New Moon WATER Vocal Explorations @ Yess Yoga, June 24, 2022

Here are the songs Liz and Conie led at the New Moon WATER Vocal Exploration at Yess Yoga on Friday night, June 25, 2022*: 
  1. The River (Coco Love Alcorn)
  2. We get there together (Or never get there at all) (Josh Blaine)
  3. Stone by stone (Taya Ma)
  4. My body is a living temple (Michael Stillwater) - led by Bridgette!
  5. I’m gonna walk it with you (Brian Claflin & Ellie Grace)
  6. Spirit of Peace (Words: Rev. Otto Zing & Neil Douglas Klotz/Music: traditional)
  7. Finding My Way (Karisha Longaker, MaMuse)
* A note to our future selves looking back at this setlist.  It was a day of news of the U.S. Supreme Court overturning the Roe v. Wade decision and many were distraught.  We made the decision to widen the concept of water to incorporate ideas of oceans and tsunamis. You may notice there's a little more feisty energy to this setlist that you might typically think of for water.  -clb

We are grateful to you if sang with us and to Yess Yoga for hosting us.  

If you're interested in exploring this element or any of the elements in more depth, please reach out to us. There are limitations to what can be peeled back in a group session like this. We'd be happy to guide you in personal explorations. Please use the contact form here.

We're also looking forward to singing with you in the future! Please join us for these upcoming last Friday of the month New Moon sings with the elements. RSVP in advance here.
  • METAL/AIR on August 26
  • ELEMENTAL CELEBRATION in September (stay tuned to see if it is the 23rd or 30th)

Love, Liz and Conie

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