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Winter/Spring 2024 Heart Songs dates

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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Setlist from August 25 Songs for Tending our Hearts @ Yess Yoga

Here are the songs we sang at Songs for Tending Our Hearts at Yess Yoga on Friday night, August 25, 2023:
  1. The Center Will Hold (text: Brene Brown, from Atlas of the Heart; music: clb)
  2. Do You Feel? Do You Heal? (Words: Spirit; Music: Liz)
  3. Welcome here (Rachael Weasley)
  4. It’s ok, if you’re not ok (Kira Seto)
  5. How many times will my heart be broken* (Liza Walker?**)
  6. Love from the Inside Out (Moon Clemetson)
  7. Armor (Ahlay Blakely)
  8. Oh Grief, Oh Joy! (Debbie Nargi-Brown)
* We're looking for an online recording! If you know of one, please drop the link in the comments!
** If you know who caught this song, please let us know!  We honor the catcher when we can!

We are grateful to you if sang with us and to Yess Yoga for hosting.

There is one more quarterly Songs To Tend Our Hearts at Yess on Friday, November 17, 2023. Jot that in your calendar now and then check back here or subscribe to the "In-person singing groups" newsletter to receive a reminder email about this and other opportunities to sing together. Or just check-in with Yess Yoga's website.

Keep singing and stay cool, graceful, and creative!

Love, Liz and Conie, a.k.a. GOOD TROUBLE

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