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Friday, November 10, 2023

Setlist for Nov 9: "NONE OF THIS SHOULD BE HAPPENING" Grief Song Circle for Palestine & Israel


If you're reading this, you might have attended the Song Circle and Grief Vigil for Palestine and Israel on Thursday, November 9 at Stewart Park in Minneapolis.  

We invited folks to not be alone, but to gather together and name aloud how difficult it is to bear witness to the loss of life.  To make space within ourselves to feel and let it move through us.  

Here is a list of the songs we sang that night with links to online recordings.

  1. We Shall Come Together Singing (Maggie Wheeler)
  2. Holding Song (Ian Carrick)
  3. Syncopated Bismillah (Words: traditional Arabic/Music: Fattah Kriner)
  4. One Body (Ahlay Blakely)
  5. Why aren’t the children safe (Liz Digitale Anderson)
  6. Grief (Sarina Partridge)
  7. I pray for peace and liberation (Abigail Bengson)
  8. The Cure for the Pain (text inspired by Rumi; tune: Yam)
  9. Cross the Sea (Molly Bajgot & Sol Weiss)
  10. Shalom Benediction (music: Shlomo Carlebach/movements: Tasnim Fernandez)
  11. When Times Are Hard/We Lead in Love (Liz Digitale Anderson)

Here's a list of Resources:
  • Shruti Box, literally "sound" or "singing" in ancient Sankrit, replicates the sound of the Tambura, an East Asian Indian drone instrument. Part of the family of drone instruments that show up in many cultures, related to bagpipes and harmoniums. Conie's instrument is from Shrutibox.com run by Ron Kravitz of https://www.musicinthemoment.com/ in Philadelphia, PA

With you in love and grief, 

Liz and Conie, a.k.a. Good Trouble

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