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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Setlist for Dec 1 Songs in Your Body On This Land @ Beautiful Studio

Here are the songs we sang at Songs In Our Bodies On This Land at the Beautiful Studio on Friday night, December 1, 2023 with links to online recordings for your at-home remembering pleasure.
  1. Welcome here (Rachael Weasley)
  2. Into the River (first line: I wanna lay my bones down in the water) (Chloe Smith/Rising Appalachia)
  3. Well Held (Lyndsey Scott)
  4. Earth You Hold Us (Lyndsey Scott)
  5. Loosen, Loosen (Aly Halpert)
  6. Courage, My Friend (anti-Apartheid movement, South Africa)
  7. Reworked Nursery Rhymes (ead)
  8. The Feelings Song (Heidi Rojas)
  9. Oxygen (Wendy Luella Perkins)
  10. Love from the Inside Out (Moon Clementson)
  11. Linger (traditional American camp song)
Thank you to the crew who sang with us! The right people were there, tenderness, grit, and support were shared. Community was tended. This is part of the dream Liz and Conie are working towards!

It takes more than desire to keep this BIPOC song circle going. Your contributions, energetic, trades, and financial, are welcome and needed! If you missed the big blue-green tip jar in the dark (lol), contributions can be sent through Paypal or Venmo or a check can be mailed to P.O. Box 11791, St. Paul, MN 55111.

The 2024 dates for Songs in Our Bodies On this Land are in the works and not yet ready for publication!  Stay tuned here or signup for the "Soul Songs BIPOC/Mixed Singing Space" list here.

Keep singing and stay warm, hydrated and creative!

Love, Liz and Conie, a.k.a. Good Trouble

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