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Saturday, February 9, 2019

2019 Wanderings and Playdates?

Spring and Summer 2019 are shaping up to be full of sound and movement adventure!  

"The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with One Step"
- Lao Tsu (with apologies)
I would love to collaborate, co-create, and make community while I'm out and about.  Reach out if you'd like some sound and movement in your area.  Or connect me with folks you know in and around where my travels will be.  

March 14-15:  Iowa (Central or Driftless NE?)
Leading "Transforming Ourselves thru Sound and Movement", a one-day retreat on Sat, Mar 16 at Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center near Hiawatha, Iowa.  Would love to sing and dance with other folks between Central Iowa and Southeastern MN?

April 21-22:  North Carolina
Right after Easter, I'll be joining my teammates on the Design Team for a Church Musicians retreat at Kanuga, an Episcopal retreat center near Henderson, NC, April 23-26.  What other singing and dancing can be experienced in NC beforehand?

April 28-30:  Central & NE Iowa plus SE Minnesota
Cutting out of Kanuga early to head over to Iowa and the Dances of Universal Peace retreat I'm co-organizing with Morgan Rivers and Dances DSM.  It ends on Sun, Apr 28.  Last year, my dance leader friend Saleem and I stopped by see and sing with my song spreading friend Liz Rog in the Driftless on the return trip.  What will unfold this year?

May 20-24, 28:  Bay Area, CA
Over Memorial Day I will be visiting a beloved friend.  Looking to organize playing, singing, and/or dancing for the days leading up to the weekend and maybe the Tuesday before I fly home.  

Jun 9-10:  SE MN & NE Iowa
Village Fire, the outdoor singing experience, is Jun 10-15 this year.  What more play and dance can we do before arriving?

Jun 17-2x: Wisconsin!
On Thu evening, Jun 20, I'll be co-leading Dances of Universal Peace in Waukesha with my dance leader friend Patti Kies.  Can we sing in Madison, play in Milwaukee, dance in Sheboygan?  Who else lives on the way to the east side?

MidSummer to Fall...
There's dreams and possibilities brewing for Denver, Dallas, Hot Springs (NC), NW MN, Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas .. (yes!  there's another trip to Holden this year!)

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