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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Highlighting Anahata (Vision for the Dances)

We're getting to know Anahata Iradah, the featured guest Dance Leader and trainer for the 2019 Newton, Iowa Dances of Universal Peace retreat (Dancing Ourselves Awake & The Music and The Dance). We've asked her a few questions and she has been kind and gracious enough to answer them, even while she's travelling in Brazil! We hope you enjoy reading about this as much as we have!


PLM: Where do you dream the Dances will be 50 years from now?

Anahata:  For me the question is a little broader than this. For me the question is more like “will the rituals and ceremonies that we need for the survival of the planet be available for humanity 50 years from now”? What the rituals actually look like is not so important, nor the name that we give them. What is important is that we pass down the tools we need from generation to generation. For our indigenous friends, dance is as important as eating and drinking. So we imagine that dance will always exist. What is essential is that our sense of awe for creation is protected, our reverence for life. We need to value our inter-connectedness. We need to preserve the honoring of our ancestors and the wisdom of our elders. If the Dances continue to hold these values, then they will survive. What I feel the Dances do best is to show us the paths that are cherished by the devotees of the many faith traditions. As long as the earth still has people of many faiths, then the Dances show us the perfect way to tread lightly in the footsteps of the devotees and to taste a little of the nectar of their traditions. Probably as planetary consciousness evolves the Dances will evolve too. Most likely in fifty years from now the Dances will mirror the concerns, joys, sorrows and prevailing wisdom of the seekers of that era.

Anahata presenting Morgan and Cindy a gift of appreciation
at the end of the 2017 Newton retreat
Join us for The Music & The Dance or Dancing Ourselves Awake, late April in Newton, Iowa.  Follow the links for more information and to register.  

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